Does “Doing” or “Not Doing” Make a Difference?

Doing consists of more than just making something happen. Every moment contains the opportunity for us not to do something. This state of awareness in conjunction with decision making may hold the key to maintaining balance in our human existence experiences. Whether we should do or not do something is a vital component in choice making. This knowledge could help humankind in many different areas of our human existence; from a personal, human collective and life universal standpoint.

Should we do or not do something? This awareness may give us a glimpse into how our human form is either balanced or not balanced with the frequency of universal intelligence. Furthermore to do or not do should perhaps originate from the stillness offered to us in conscious oneness. This stillness is always there; whether we are aware of it or not. It however blossoms outright in our existence when we are aware enough to reinsert our unity with the spirit of life. Most human beings believe that they are on the outside of the spirit of life and should continually try to get back to it.

Doing by not Doing

There seems to be a constant need in our human existence to make something happen. Our intervention in the moment that is unfolding is not as vital as what the mind tells us. How would it be to not do anything in a given moment? Does this sound impossible? This is easier than the mind thinks. It is often about letting go and allowing instead of making something happen. This non-reaction opens the portal to stillness.

This doing or not doing is essentially made due to conditioning aspects of our existence. This might be mind, emotional or even human consciousness. Very often the act of doing or not doing is determined by a person’s interpretation of a given belief.
The doing as well as the not doing implies taking a next step. This next step (consciously speaking) will happen when humankind has accepted the knowledge that we have chosen to forget. There are possibilities to be discovered when a person decides from within the dimension of stillness.

The questions to ask in any given moment would be: What will allow space and clearer perception in this given situation? What will allow stillness to manifest within this state of awareness?

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