Does Yin-Yang exist? How does Duality Thrive in Oneness?

Everyone has probably used the expression yin-yang before. What occurs in the moment we utter this or similar passages? Human beings generally conform to, enforce and validate the concept of duality in our existence. Humankind surmises that this concept holds true in the universe and life. We generally do this automatically. This is because we are so conditioned.

We are immersed in a content duality existence and continue to search for singularity. We desire it and want it but we overlook the fact that it is always present always there to experience. However a shift in awareness from object consciousness to universal consciousness is needed. There is a steady shift in consciousness occurring that suggests it is possible to reestablish our human consciousness in the totality of oneness (universal consciousness). Yet, lest we forgot that the foundation of our existence as a human species is based on duality.


Is there truly a yin-yang to be experienced in the universe or did humankind superimpose this into the fabric of life consciousness due to our duality existence? Let us consider the definition of superimpose:

Verb-place or lay (one thing) over another, typically so that both are still evident.

Would you agree that this approximately describes what human beings have done in consideration of our existence and life consciousness? Both are very evident. We function within a content structured layer of existence and we sense that there is something more. We desire to reunite somehow with this “something” that we sense. The layer of our content existence however attempts to over-shadow the layer / dimension of life consciousness in its totality.

The period of our human consciousness evolution until now suggest that we have tried to dominate and control our existence within life without acknowledging neither universal consciousness or our true essence; both being one and the same, spiritually speaking.This has mostly happened unknowing and generally unwillingly, still it has happened.

Human beings have nurtured separation instead of actually reuniting with our true essence. There is naturally a justified basis for such passages as yin-yang, good or bad or positive and negative. However it is perhaps not that which we have been conditioned to believe. I will continue this topic in a follow-up article within the next few days.

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