Dominoes: That’s the Way it Goes

There are different variations of the game Dominoes. The game is said to originate from the Song Dynasty China. The game Dominoes is however not the topic of this article. It is simply a game that well be compared to our behavior in areas of consciousness and life energy.

The mind is said to be so complex. This is at least what we generally “think”. The mind does what it does without any need for conscious intervention; despite it’s supposed complexity. The human consciousness has reached a level of acknowledgment. This ancient knowledge has always been there. It has remained mostly buried in the content fragments of our existence. A shift which could result in mind / consciousness unity is very prevalent. The process of thinking can be compared to the game of falling dominoes. An initial thought is sudden there. Why is it there and from where it came are irrelevant. Still let us ask the obvious. What happens to a thought when it suddenly appears? The first response might be to say that the answer for this question is very complex. My question is… why do we insist on complexity instead of simplicity?

I did a Google search for the number of thoughts that a human has each moment. This is the first search result that Google offered:


When our awareness is not covered in the details of life, we feel more of the heart of life, including the heart of one another. Here we discover and open the many gifts of our relationship. When we have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, this means between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute per person.”

There is everything explained n a nutshell; existence content clutter, life and unity. The average person has 35 to 48 thoughts each moment. Most thoughts come and…zip…zip. Then there is one or two thoughts per minute that jump out and demand recognition. The reasons why this happens are many; some known, others unknown.

This is the initiation of the domino effect. This one thought is given the power to control mind, emotions and consciousness. This domination occurs because of one factor; unawareness.

The urgency of this one thought manifests and expands though the thoughts we have, the emotions we feel and the inability to say in the moment. It is sometimes so intensified by this human traits that it seems to attain absolute power of our “being”. The thought overpowers the stage of “being” with the energy of the mind and body. Consciousness is usually forgotten in such a moment. The thought runs its course. This might be minutes, hours, days or years. Then at some point it may lose its hold on your stage of conscious “being”. Often this overpowering thought will be replaced with a new, even more dominating thought. On and on it goes the thought is granted this power by our unconscious state of being.

A thought begins (the first domino falls). The thought continues to dominate (more dominoes fall). Eventually the thought loses its dominating power (the last domino falls). Then the next falling dominoes game begins. This unaware; conditioned, cycle repeats itself again and again; The results; are each time the same as the falling dominoes. The falling dominoes take on power as they fall. The power dissipates as the last domino falls; then it starts over

It is wonderful to know that this mind / thought existence domination process is absurd. The power of a single thought is instantly extinguished in a moment of true unconditional awareness to what is happening, where you are and most important…who you are in each moment. You are the moment; not that which is happening (the content) in that given moment. The true self can stop this repetitive process with no difficulty. True awareness to what is really happening, a shift in the state of present “being” and a decision to remain consciously aware could stop the dominoes from falling.

Best wishes to all


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