Driver or Passenger: Who Decides?

The ego has become the driver in our human form. The seer (the observer) shifts to the “me” after being influenced by the mind and ego. Then it sadly becomes the passenger in our existence. The mind tricks the seer. It uses whatever means necessary to fool the seer. The ego does whatever is needed to survive. This order of selection was not established in the beginning of mankind’s journey; rather, it developed throughout our evolution, as the ego became more influential.

This is something that may have taken hundreds of thousands of years or more. It is also possible that this type of conditioning was there from the very start of mankind’s existence. I tend to feel that, in the beginning, we were aware of the oneness and what life truly signifies, but then we became lost and confused. We, as a species, became complicated. Then the day came when mankind fell into a deep sleep. I feel this is how it is expressed in such religious books as the Bible. The person “Adam” was said to have fallen into a deep sleep. Here it would be interesting to note that there is no mention of a reawakening in any of the later chapters of the Bible. This may indicate that mankind slipped into a state of unconsciousness or lack of awareness, and since then has never truly awoken.

This is wonderfully represented in the story of Adam and Eve. This may be the first documented example of how the ego was able to take control of our partnership with the universal intelligence. It wants to be the driver and have control of our existence experiences.

The Driver is not the True Self

Our human emotions are critical factors in the ego’s bag of tricks. The emotions are intensified by the conditioning of the past, and also the mostly delusional anxieties of a so-called future. This pattern has unfortunately established itself as the foundation of our human existence. The story of Adam and Eve may be one of the earliest documented examples of the human transition from the seer to the “me”. This contributed to the loss of true “self”. We lost the gift of true awareness somewhere during the development of mankind. We sacrificed our natural ability to simply live.

The “me” conditioning refers to those human beings that exist in a state of denial and / or state of unawareness. The demanding ego seizes such opportunities to manipulate and control this false “me”. This process initiates an endless stream of “believable” storytelling. The “me” is absolutely convinced that these stories explain a plausible and real human existence. The ego needs each person’s and every collective group’s lack of awareness to feed its hunger. It wishes to remain the driver and not become the passenger.

The true self has been placed on the sidelines of human existence due to lack of awareness.

Best wishes


P.S. The above text is an excerpt from my book “One Moment in Life”.



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