Duality or Life: Wake up and Smell the Roses!

The mind has a tendency to induce duality in our existence. However we have never actually been separated from the source of life, the point of origin. The essence of this energy could also be called home. The birth of each person signifies a false journey that supposedly will return us home. We have never really been traveling on any type of journey. The idea of a specific path or purpose in life overshadows our existence.

The manifestation of conscious energy through an object offers the opportunity for conscious energy to experience itself; provided a life-form has reached a given level of self-consciousness. We were born for this one grand accomplishment. Our human evolution has given us the opportunity to perhaps achieve full consciousness, although there is no guarantee.

It is possible, through more awareness and higher consciousness, to end the illusion of duality. We have always resided in the place we have been searching; this is home. Most of our existence is spent on the fine edge between wanting to experience the fullness of life and actually partaking in it. It is possible to expand form consciousness through awareness. This would intensify the interaction and assimilation of the two supposed levels of consciousness that are actually one.

The continual conscious awakening that is becoming more prominent in human beings on the level of awareness will free consciousness from the mind to allow reunification with universal consciousness. Duality will lose any significant predominance in our daily activities. It will then be possible for us to stop searching for where we belong in life. It will become clear that there is no need to wait for salvation. Our perspective on life could then shift and blossom into higher, unified consciousness.


We would then rejoice in the knowledge of what lies before us as a human being instead of succumbing to the mind and its arsenal of conditioned responses. Mind content details such as fear, confusing and misinterpretations would slowly vanish. They would be accepted as human behavior factors and nothing more.

Duality or Life: You Choose!

We have spent our human existence living on the borders of life. This has enforced the illusion of duality and separation. This has resulted in us generally overlooking the true wisdom and miracles that can naturally manifest through unified consciousness. The reality of life is not to be based on our human earth-bound endeavors. True awareness of life will permit us to see where we are in relation to universal oneness. We are not on the outside looking in; rather we are a co-creator in universal life consciousness.

We are approaching a period of conscious evolution rather than continuing down a path of delusional induced duality. People the world over are awakening to a different understanding of humanity and life. This could allow humankind to accept this human-form existence, and through this acceptance we may end suffering while nurturing conscious expansion.

Best wishes

P.S. The link below offers general information about duality in areas of philosophy and religion.





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