Dull or Bright: You Decide

The patterns of the mind have a tendency to place a filter over conscious awareness. The world can appear very dull when the mind dominates and obscures living consciously. A person will see the sky, a tree or a bird but only as a reaction to the stimulus that actives the mind. Consciously speaking we are unaware of the true depth within any given object and furthermore not experiencing the now.


Realizing your true potential as a divine being can be a useful stepping stone to enlightenment after the initial awakening to active consciousness. The term spiritual enlightenment is often used in such topic discussions but the mind becomes mesmerized by the word. The mind overlooks the depth within this realization. The true significance of being enlightened is then overshadowed by a veil of confusion.

Changing Dull to Bright

Wikipedia offers this simple and reasonably accurate statement in regards to spiritual enlightenment: “Full comprehension of a situation.” It is easily possible to change dull to bright when we are able to shift our attention from mind to spirit. It is truly an awakening or “Bodhi” as described in Buddhism. It is amazing to sense and observe the color and movement that returns to our existence. We begin to realize that everything is more than the mind conditions us to believe.

It is you that can brighten the eternal life.
It is within and around you.
This is always so whether you sense it or not.
Do not let the mind fool you.
You should not search for life.
Nor can it be denied from you.
It is your birthright.

The now is the portal to it.

The world may seem so dull.
This is, at least, what the mind tells you.
Acknowledge and remain true to the one self.
It is here that you experience life.

The blockage is removed that has resulted due to the minds static interference. Life energy will then appear to flow freely although it has always been flowing freely. However we were distracted by the dull repetition of thoughts and feelings. The tingling vibrations of life will then explode a hundred fold. It will be possible to sense the essence of our own being in all objects. Furthermore it will be possible to acknowledge the bright flow of life even when the mind tends to paint our existence as dull.

Best wishes


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