Edge of Forever

We stand on the edge of an abyss and usually experience confusion and fear. This fine edge between apparent safety and obvious doom is a mental mind game. We consider everything that is on the other side of this mentally projected barrier to be threatening. People are often overcome with a fear that is similar to looking over the edge of a high mountain top cliff.

There is a tremendous fear of falling and at the same time a person will feel the desire to let go. This happens as a person senses the edge between human existence and what is beyond this human-made reality. The fine line that overshadows our daily activities can greatly restrict human consciousness from expanding outward. This outward vibrating energy is often completely suppressed by the conditioned mental pictures of falling over this non-existent edge between human content and life.

This is when the practice of going beyond the mind can be very beneficial. This allows a portal between our form consciousness and life consciousness to open. I always enjoy the opportunity to use this phase. You can practice going beyond the mind during a quiet moment or during meditation. Many people read about the practice of “not thinking” or “stop thinking” and often misunderstand what is meant by these terms. May I suggest simple meditative exercises consisting of beyond the mind experiences? I will write more about this in an upcoming article.

Edge of Forever

The mental edge in you that has been created is conditional. This fine edged barrier is only as formidable as you make it. The edge between experiencing life from a strictly human perspective and simply being one with life depends on your awareness to now.

Fear is the greatest conscious expansion blocker but many other emotions and thought patterns restrict the unification of our consciousness with universal consciousness. We innately sense that there is nothing to fear beyond the edge of this mental abyss but we can’t let go. There is a desire to simply free-fall into the abyss but a conditioned mind holds us back.

A person will usually experience brief intervals of falling into the abyss of conscious life energy. It is usually difficult to remain there long. How can we increase our awareness to this fine edge of forever? It is much simpler than you may “think”. You only need to let go when you mentally stand on the edge between the mind and the true essence of life. This is done by allowing the experience of formless, mindless bliss to manifest. The duality of forever will begin to fade away and you will know conscious freedom without barriers.


Best wishes

P.S. I will share the experiences of my free-flying dreams in an upcoming article. These experiences are similar to standing on the abyss of forever and allowing the true self to free-fall.



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