Ego I, Ego me, Ego you: Separation or Unification?

Have you every pondered on your existence as a person? Your answer is probably yes. Let us go a step further. How do you feel about your form existence regarding the true self? This true self is that certain something that everyone wishes to explain or understand; but can not. What is responsible for the separation from the true self? Mostly but not entirely would be the characteristics of our species evolutionary development. The three amigos: creative intelligence, emotions and conditioning seem to be the primary candidates. The unseen, always demanding force behind these factors would be the ego.


The ego is ruthless. It will do everything and anything to survive. The ego appears to thrive on separation. What is the ego? One definition from is as follows:
“The “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.”

I included this definition because I was first taking aback by the use of “I”. Then it dawned on me. The “I” mentioned in the definition is only in context with the person and other objects. The “I” as indicated above is based solely on content. This is perhaps why we have such difficulty dealing with the ego. It obtains its energy from content. The ego blinds us with tricks and illusions that usually have no real validity. Our entire existence from the “me” perspective is based on content. This makes the ego almost indestructible when we remain absorbed in the field of content structures that have been established in our existence.

The true “self” is universal. It is one. It does not distinguish between the thinking, feeling and willing of any one person, group or collective entity. “Being” is enough for the true self. This seems so impossibly difficult for us to accept. Let us stop writing about “being” for a moment. Everyone knows of this word and the idea or meaning that validates it. When I write that we should stop focusing on “being” for a moment I wish to suggest that we should simply try “feeling” what it truly means to “be”. I love the word “feeling”. I can “feel” it when I speak the word out loud. The point that I wish to make is that we often get too caught up in searching for the meaning of “being” and forget to just be.

I have a feeling that this induces ego into what could otherwise be a feeling (presence) extending from the dimension of pure consciousness. To avoid this it is best to practice total awareness without any definitions, judgments or interpretations; other than for practical purposes. This is something that we human beings can not accomplish overnight; but it is possible with dedicated practice. It is spiritually beneficial to stay away from the ego’s path of content delusions. This is also possible with practice. Unification is simply “feeling” what “is” without any other influences. Then we become one that is in a state of presence.

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