Ego; the Me and I

There is something that we may define as the “I” in us. What is the “I”? If we were able to keep it simple, we could say: “I am” instead of “I”.  There we must stop. Saying, “I am” validates who we are, or perhaps it is better to say that it validates what we are. Saying anything beyond this is overkill. Attempting to continue this statement will only open a path for the ego. We exist and are life itself.


The “I” is the presence that can interrupt the compelling forces in our head. It knows that these forces are ego-generated. It usually remains dormant in our human existence, due to the demands of our self-created world. It can be compared to a flower seed. It is ready to grow, but first we must become aware. It is the truth, but it would never force itself on our human being. We must accept and allow this presence to grow.


We may also say that the “I” is the “seer”. This “I” aspect is really the oneness that sees the truth. We could also define the “thinker” or “seer” as being one and the same. I feel that this aspect is also known in Christianity as the “Holy Spirit” that, according to religious beliefs, is our direct connection to the oneness or God. The seer in reality never changes or takes on a form. Any contradiction to this is purely ego-oriented.

There is no real “me”. I am not even convinced that there is a seer or even an ego. These are all man-made contents or conditions that I somehow feel only exist because we have been taught to believe that they are real. Our conditioning and believing gives them a reality in our human life experiences. These words and definitions are part of our human conditioning. They have, for human purposes, a relative significance. We could say that the “seer” transforms into the “me”. This happens due to the trickery of the ego. The ego is most active when we are in a state of unawareness (sadly, this state of unawareness is our predominate state).

The Ego is not the True Self

We may then say that the “seer” is both an aspect of human consciousness and the universal consciousness. I have a strong feeling that this aspect is actually the oneness of life itself. We may have derived the term “seer” or “Holy Spirit” as another way of symbolizing something that we just do not seem to understand. That which we don’t seem to understand would be the oneness of life, or simply “life”.

It may be proper to note that life does not need to be understood, nor should we try. The seer has great difficulty in establishing any real content in our human life situations. It would appear that the seer, although ever present, has been placed in the passenger seat of life.


Best wishes to everyone

P.S. The above text is an excerpt from “One Moment in Life” available at Amazon and other book retailers.

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