Embrace Everything: Become Everything

The word embrace offers a spiritual portal when applied to understanding our existence and life. Moreover it is a useful signpost when practicing living consciously. We have often shared ideas and insights during our discussions about not taking words too seriously or anything else for that matter. Embrace, as a word, is ideal to consider spiritually because it has the potential to cradle everything in a field of enlightenment.

This is a practical key to unlock mind obstructions during our experiences at the level of being and beyond. We have become a species that is anxious and fearful relating to many aspects of our daily activities. This anxiety is often masked over with superficial and short-term distractions. However there is often a lack of genuine stillness from within.

This reflects outward and usually affects our interaction with other people and things in a non-accepting manner. I was recently inspired to use the word embrace as a mantra in the background of my activities. I have practiced this during the last few days. It has been surprising to observe how my state of conscious awareness as benefited from this exercise.

Let’s first reflect on the practical definitions provided by the internet dictionary to aid us in gaining spiritual perspective beyond this word:
1. An act of holding someone closely in one’s arms.
2. An act of accepting or supporting something willingly or enthusiastically.

Embrace Everything and Become Everything

Embrace is a delightful expression and using it during our experiences can open a clear portal to living more consciously. Here is an example. You hear something in your immediate surroundings. This activates the mind and it repeatedly tells you that this sound is stopping you from enjoying the moment. Furthermore it insists that you can not relax because of what you are experiencing.

Nevertheless you are not able to consciously be aware due to the mind and not because something is happening near you. It is not possible to embrace what is in this moment when the mind interferes with the flow of energy between you and any given object.

The sound you hear is not causing the distraction. It is the minds unwillingness to experience the moment. What would happen if you were to embrace whatever it is that is causing the so-called distraction? You would eventually, perhaps sooner, experience acceptance instead of non-acceptance. This will result in conditioned behavior fading away and being replaced with kindness and love as the backbone of our existence.

There will be occasions when the mind dominates the dimension of consciousness depending on a given situation. However the willingness to embrace whatever happens will release our entanglement within the conditioned patterns of the mind.

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