Embracing Who You Are

Let’s start this article with a simple exercise. The first step is to actually awaken our awareness to the experience of embracing something physically. Do you recall how it feels to hold someone or something in your arms? This interaction involves a transfer of energy. The essence of this energy is always from a field of oneness. However the frequency can be altered by the level and type of localized energy being produced by an object.

Now cross your arms in front of you and gently embrace yourself. Visualize the energy that is manifesting through you in this moment. Don’t try to guide or influence the energy in anyway; rather simply acknowledge that it is there and that you are a part of it. The embracing of your physical body will enhance a state of presence. The ability to recognize the flow of energy moving through your body will release you from conditioned barriers of the mind.

The next step is to visualize that literally everything in the universe is embracing you. This is a stepping stone toward developing higher awareness to the source of our essence. The mind will probably offer resistance to such a universal unification. It may tell you that it is impossible for the universe to embrace you.

Embracing the Oneness

Moreover the mind will insist that you can not embrace anything beyond your physical reach. It will consider the vision of consciously embracing the universe as absurd. I can only suggest that you do not listen to the mind telling its stories. You have capabilities far beyond what the mind perceives as your limit.

The key to embracing who you are is experienced now. There is often an emphasis placed on the word now; especially in areas of philosophy and spirituality. However it is never about focusing on the now; instead it is about being the now. Furthermore this is ideally done by not doing anything. You are who you are now and this is true regardless of how the mind labels the content of this moment.

Embracing who you are now will allow you to be who you will become. Thereupon your true essence (the one self) will fully blossom spontaneously through this simple acknowledgement. The exercise of embracing who you are now can be beneficial in the conscious awakening process. Don’t let the mind thus fool you into always searching for something that you are already. You are presence.

Best wishes



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