Emotions and Thoughts Running Wild

I am going to take you with me on a journey of conscious awakening during a typical experience. Moreover this example could be any situation that occurs when we are unaware. The mind’s thoughts and emotions have a tendency to dominate over living in a state of presence.


This is an experience whereby the mind will react very radical and emotional through thoughts and emotions. This happens simply because we usually are not aware enough to sense what it is doing. It is instantly possible to go beyond this conditioned behavior if we become aware of it. The following text is a dialogue that I had with myself during one particular experience as I became very aware of what was unfolding. I sensed that this self-dialogue took place beyond the barriers of the mind. Therefore it may first seem abstract to you as the reader and I would suggest reading it once and then look inside yourself to determine if it is the mind that is reading the article or is it the self from a state of presence. Then read it again.

Any given circumstance will seem very difficult if you “react” to the mind instead of “responding” to life and change. Please remember that change is the one true constant in the universe. Simply practice observing the mind (thoughts and emotions) and accepting them. They are nothing but repetitive conditioned reactions to situations that are somewhat similar from the level of human existence. You will find stillness within yourself when you allow thoughts and emotions to just be. Do not use any unneeded energy (object and universal) to support what the mind offers you.


Consciously tell the mind that you are aware of what it is doing but you are not going to take anything it offers to seriously; especially thoughts or emotions about the past or future. You are no longer willing to play its game. The mind will eventually stop reacting to the change that has occurred; except for practical purposes such as are needed to do any given task. The mind is needed and useful for practical human purposes but that is where its usefulness stops regarding living consciously.

You are a very sensitive person and this is a wonderful virtue to have as a person. However this sensitivity to changes in yourself and the world around you can cause repeated difficulties and suffering when you are not aware of what is really happen in the mind.

There were many, many years when I had suffered greatly before I became aware and awoke to what is beyond human existence details. Then it was possible for me to consciously step beyond the mind both personal and collective. I began to truly realize what I have always known but could not experience because the mind had held my conscious being a prisoner.

“Now I am aware. I am presence.”

It is a process that is experienced daily in different situations as a person discovers his or her true nature and life from a totally different perspective. A person can and will become more and more actively conscious after the initial awakening to it. However the mind will continue to fill conscious unmanifested space with thoughts and emotions until it realizes that you are not interested in what it is doing. This is when a person will truly understand the endless dimension that is there in every moment to experience.

Do you wish to allow the mind to confuse you and cause you doubt and fear? Just do what you need to do during any experience and let it all happen naturally without taking the mind too seriously. Practice this in every possible situation if your answer is “no” to the question I just asked. You are fine and you have always been fine; regardless of what the mind wants you to think or believe.

Every moment has the potential within it to offer us the conscious doorway to resolve the issues in our existence by allowing us to realize that there are no issues or problems other than what the mind creates. Realize that you are within the space of life flowing energy and then consciously allow a harmonious and peaceful relationship between you and it.

Best wishes


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