Energy + Intentions = ?

Energy is everywhere. It can be found in almost everything. The mind has the capacity to produce energy. This energy can be emitted through Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma waves. We have probably all expressed a sentence similar to the following at one time or another. “I am going to think positive about this situation.” The assumption is that “thinking positively” about a situation or event will alter it and or change its outcome.

Do you feel that this assumption is accurate? What actually determines the outcome of a situation? Is it the intention(s) that are projected through the mind? Somehow this does not seem to be the answer. Positive “thinking” would be enough to change any event if this were true. Ever increasing research and factual accounts confirm that thinking positively about something will not necessary alter or produce a desire outcome. The Dali Lama has also suggested that positive thinking does not work. There must be something more to the change and or manifestation of an event in any situation other than thinking positively.

Perhaps this is where we can witness a cross-over from thinking to intention. There however seems to be something more, something mysterious; or at the least hidden, within any given intention. Otherwise an intention would; for all reasoning, be similar to “thinking positive / negatively”. It would give the same results or no results in any given situation just as thinking would. First let’s look at what we consider an intention to be. I have selected several definitions from Dictionary com that contribute to our conversation.

An intention is:
– An act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
– Purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct.
– The act or fact of intending.
1. Also called first intention, primary intention. Reference by signs, concepts, etc., to concrete things, their properties, classes, or the relationships among them.
2. Also called second intention, secondary intention. Reference to properties, classes, or the relationships among first intentions.
– Meaning or significance

The intentions concerning a given thought or inspiration may somehow contribute to the outcome; but how exactly? Just having a thought or intention is not enough; otherwise we would repeatedly become what we thought or intended. Could an intention be the bridge between human thought / life-form self-consciousness and universal consciousness? Perhaps it is not so much a bridge but instead a conductor. The energy frequency that passes from the human thought to intention to consciousness and outward is filtered by this conductor. The energy emitted by the brain can truly co-create the universe. The primary (first) intention which is emitted by the brain may be the key. Is the energy produced by a thought – intention enough to manifest it into something tangible? I am inclined to say “yes”.

I have witnessed many such experiences in my existence. These have surely been the result of this primary intention set into motion. This has eventually offering me an opportunity to receive that which I had intended; but how is this possible? We have mentioned that positive thinking or the intention alone is not what actually manifests something into our existence. What is it then? This is something that I do not feel that I; and perhaps no one, can truly answer.

I can however assure everyone that it is fascinating and very fulfilling to experience. I have also observed that I have often never had a defined thought – intention that I expected to happen nor even determined to make it happen; at least not that I was aware of. Then at a given moment this given thought – intention has almost miraculously manifested. Often I was not even clear that I had sent such an energy impulse into the field of totality (universal consciousness). We could say that I was not “aware” of having and or releasing such an energy impulse. This is where increased awareness to life and consciousness in its totality can benefit us greatly.

Could it be that the manifesting of any given thought – intention occurs primarily from within the field of absolute consciousness? This could be considered the field of nothingness which has the potential for everything; a singular entity which is oneness. Might we say that it is never actually our “will” but the “will” or energy impulse from the one “self” that will either manifest something or not? Thought energy, intention energy, human consciousness and universal consciousness vibrations; what do you feel is the connection between these four? Is the apparent separation only a mind illusion? We might consider what was said in the movie “Highlander”…”There can be only one!”

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P.S. Here is an article link from TinyBuddha concerning positive thinking.

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