Energy of Life: How do we use it?

We refer to human beings as compassionate and altruistic but what lies beyond these traits. There is something else in the background of our existence. We feel, however faint, the influence of life energy in its purist nature. This is a conscious energy field without the need for interpretation or definition. We can contemplatively consider that everything has the purity of conscious nature within it. Everything “is” and then somehow it becomes scrutinized by mind behavior. We judge, interpret and define, this has always been our “human” nature. It becomes very difficult to maintain an honorable rapport with life on a conscious level.

Is it these conditioned behavioral tendencies that initiated friction and separation in our relationship to the purity of life and consciousness?


It would be appropriate to say that all objects are within a field of life energy. This is the vibrating frequency of the universe. We, as well as all object release mind and conscious energy into this dimension of life. This space is consciousness in its essence.

Energy, Mind and Consciousness

Therefore human traits such as empathy, love and forgiveness in the purest form may be very conductive to universal conscious energy. The, for lack of a better word, problem that is often experienced derives from corrupted frequencies of these behavioral characteristics. The mind is very dominating and reactions based solely on conditioning and unconsciousness usually are not pure.

The mind insists that there is separation. This behavior results because of the localized brain / body field of consciousness (object consciousness). However this energy field contributes and can influence the totality which we call universal consciousness. The two are actually one but our self consciousness gives us the ability to experience both the localized field of consciousness and universal consciousness. The mind tells us that these are two dimensions when in actuality they are only one.


Energy of Life: You are it!

Our true essence originates in the manifestation of life. “I am who I am” (ongoing). Therefore it is essential that our species awakens to the potential within this statement. We determine the content of our existence through active awareness.


P.S. The attached link from Psychology Today offers insight into consciousness.

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