Enough to Be: What More could Be?

Have you already realized that it is enough to be? Or does the mind tell you the exact opposite? Nevertheless, the simple act of being is sufficient. You are a person. A tree is a tree. A bee is a bee. Once you are, that is adequate for any object to be. Can we acknowledge this and accept it as a truth? Everything “is” and this should suffice as a reason to be.


The mind, apparently, does not always agree with this statement. It tells us that it is necessary to obtain more and more things that are details. The mind is conditioned to disregard the simplicity of life. We could say that its activities, however practical for human purposes, are based on one prime directive…

This would be “enough is never enough”.

It is natural to strive for worldly achievements; whatever these may be. However the mind insists that the details of our existence make us who we are. It can easily overwhelm you into believing that where you live, a car or a house are vital in becoming who you are supposed to be. Thoughts and emotions have a tendency to infer that you, as you are now, are not enough. “Nevertheless, in actuality, these details of our existence are everything that you are not.”

It is helpful for a person to have specific needs and even some wishes fulfilled each day on a practical level. However, there is far too much emphasis placed on not having enough and always needing more. Let’s relax for a moment and consider what this means. The mind implies that is not satisfactory to simply be as you are in this minute.

There is a notable difference between the minds insisting that you be more and your realizing that you already “are”. This can be difficult to understand because the mind wants to tear this logic apart and analyze it. Nevertheless, it is possible to be consciously aware of having enough (being) and still reach for wishes or goals. A beneficial stepping stone is to overcome the minds demands and allowing everything to unfold as it is naturally meant to be.

Best wishes


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