Entirety of Life

This one moment holds the entirety of life. This reflection inspired me to write these poems today. I wish to share them with you.

Just Dust Thrown in the Wind

We seem to fly through life.
Are we just like dust in the wind?
The universe is so large; we say.
We cry and want to understand.
We; however, seem so small.
We come from somewhere and we will go somewhere.
This is what we are taught.
Not heard, not seen, but sudden there.
Existing is one thing.
However, to understand why that is another.
Most people are not satisfied.
There must always be a how, why and when.
Could it be…must it be so difficult?
It would be so simple; to just be.
There are not reasons, and surely no rhymes.
We usually drift about in life.
The truth is there. It is felt.
Some seem to know, others dare not let it show.
Most view our existence as having a purpose.
Still others call it mundane, rather plain.
Some believe that life can be explained…
Some insist that something called fate is to blame.
Many resist, always insisting life has a twist.
People say that life has a beginning.
These same people are often persuaded.
They say that it will all have an end.
However, life is life, to be is it all.
Whether seen as great or small.
It is.
Life does not give or take.
It does not bargain or debate.
I am gliding to and fro.
I twist this way and that.
Nonetheless, I will never look back.
Life is not that what I am
Nor is it that which I will be.
I am not really me.
Furthermore, you are not really you.
We are one.


©Steve Leasock


A Walk to Eternity

I went walking just the other day,
I had really not walked that far.
This is; at least what I had thought.
It was early in the autumn.
The leaves were freshly colored…
This is beautiful… red, orange and yellow.
I cannot remember when I had last gone walking.
I had no destination.
Still I did not linger.
The beauty of the day swept me away.
The sun was shining.
The rays cascaded over me.
The warmth caressed my face.
I never thought of myself as a dreamer.
Yet here I was dreaming.
Was it a dream or was it a reality?
Our existence is often blinding.
It misleads us all too often.
I often sense that there is much more.
Life is not that which I see, my work and my home.
Often the days seem so dreary.
There is something I know as
I feel it all in this moment.
It reminds me of a simple fact.
I am not really this person.
Many tell me who I am.
Still others insist what I should be.
I have learned not to listen.
I have allowed what is to be.
I am I.
I am everything…alive and free.
Here I was walked; enjoying the sun.
It was clear…like waking from a dream.
The birds were flying as they sang.
I was whisked away.
It felt like a leaf in the wind.
Floating and twirling; dancing life’s song.
How long did I walk that day?
Who can actually say?
For the moment is surely an eternity.


©Steve Leasock

Best wishes to everyone

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