Eternal Now: This is it!

Is there an eternity? What can be experienced in the eternal now that will help us to go beyond the word eternity? “Eternity is known in classic philosophy as something that exists outside of time.” (Wikipedia) Would it be accurate to say that there is one eternity? This statement reflects a state of absoluteness. A state of absoluteness suggests being free of imperfection, being unlimited and pure.



Many people are awakening to the isness of the one eternal now. Brahman is a Vedic Sanskrit word that is used in Hinduism. It is considered to be the one source that manifests through everything and connects everything. Brahman offers a state of oneness. The Hinduism teachings of Brahman are excellent reading material for anyone wishing to learn more about the one absolute reality that can be experienced through aware presence.

What is the eternal now? This is it. You can tell me or yourself that this is not true. The mind is conditioned to deny “it” through emotions and thoughts that project a field of time oriented energy. This energy mentally places us in the past or future; or so it would seem when we remain in an automated, unaware state of being. The mind can try what it may, but we will never avoid the “now”. This is the one true eternity that happens in the blink of an eye. We can use science, religion or philosophy in an attempt to explain the eternal now. It will not change the fact that everything is “now”.

Eternal Totality is Always Now

Eternity is now. You may be saying, “Steve why are you emphasizing the importance of higher awareness to the now?” How does this fact help me when I encounter situations that are troublesome or when I am sick?” Going beyond the content frameworks of our existence unblocks mind barriers. It is beneficial to remember that conscious awakening and enlightenment never imply disregarding our content existence practicalities. Existence harmony lies in recognizing that both the practical aspects of our existence and eternity are within the eternal now.

Let us use a short example to differentiate existence content and the isness of the eternal now. Human beings have created calculations and devices to measure a natural occurrence that we have labeled “time”. We can thus say; for practical purposes, that the dinosaurs became extinct around 65 million years ago. That sounds fantastic. This somehow gives us a sense of reality when we are reflecting on our own mortal existence. This statement about the dinosaurs is however not really accurate. The dinosaurs became extinct in the now. This is a truth that is constant when deduced from the parameters of our mind in its present state of consciousness.

The topic of the now has been considered and discussed by many individuals including Jesus, Buddha, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Jiddu Krishnamurti and Alan Watts. We should not be too concerned with the eternal now as a discussion topic; in itself. Consciously awakened individuals are interested in something that is beyond accepting that the eternal now is all there is and all there every will be. Beyond the now is the eternal unification. It is the Brahman of the totality or simply put; it is the totality.

Eternal Consciousness

The awakening or realization to the isness of the eternal now widens a life-form’s mental portal; then there is conscious space. There are two things that will occur once a person has mentally experienced this conscious dimension. We will be able to acknowledge and accept the true nature (without definition or label) of this dimension. Secondly we will experience a deeper understanding of detachment from the details of our existence.

What benefits might this have for a person in daily activities? This would allow a person to become more carefree, even in situations that were defined as “stressful” or “unbearable”. Going beyond the mental barriers will allow a new level of acceptance to blossom when something happens; whether we like the situation or not. An individual will readily allow a state of detachment in reference to encounters with people, situation, thoughts and emotions.

This awakened state to the eternal now will steady clear your mind; allowing space. You will often experience a state of being mentally free. This is a marvelous sensation. The mind is still processing (thinking). You will still make decisions. Furthermore you will continue to respond to the mind (thoughts), people and situations. The difference is that you will experience your existence from within the eternal now.

This dimension provides space. You will sense this space through a free-falling detachment from anything that is happening in the momentary eternal now. The now will always be eternal. What changes is how you experience it.

Best wishes

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