Eternity is not Far Away

Eternity is a word used to describe something. What is Eternity without definitions or labels? Understandably it is impossible to explain eternity without defining it; or is it? Eternity is how we explain something that is immeasurable; specifically time. It is a state of “no” time. Is this somehow similar to space; “no” space? Everything comes from nothing. It is manifested into something but remains mostly nothing. Eternity or “no” time would also be nothing that could manifest into something but remains mostly nothing.

I understand this sounds confusing. I have even succeeded in slightly confusing myself. Let’s put this topic discussion on our list of things to consider. I will expand on this article soon. The season is going to be changing soon. Autumn will soon start in many regions; while in others it may be the start of spring.

I would like to share a poem about eternity. It is dedicated to the change that more and more people are experiencing. There is a shift occurring globally and universally. It is changing how we look at ourselves, our neighbors and totality. Oneness is eternal.

eternityA Walk in Eternity

I went walking just the other day;

not really that far away.

At least this is what I had thought.

It was a day early in autumn.

The leaves now freshly colored…

so beautiful… red, orange and yellow.

I can not remember when I last went walking.

There was no true destination;

still I did not linger.

The beauty of that day swept me away.

The birds singing.

The sun shining;

its warmth caressed the soul.

I never thought of myself as a dreamer;

yet here I was dreaming.

Was it really a dream or a dream within a dream?

Our thoughts can lead us astray.

Perhaps we should say; come what may.

Many times I sense something;

I would rather say that I know something; you know it too

There is much more than we; the human, can every be.

Life is not that which I see, my work, my home or me

There are days that seem so dreary.

Then I am reminded of what is known.

I felt the universe experiencing itself.

I was never this person;

although others would have it this way.

They show me, they tell me;

do this and do that.

There are many that insist that they know me.

I am not really me.

I am everything…alive and free.

As I walked, enjoying the sun,

I knew that this was truly the one.

I was flying with the birds as they sang.

I was whisked away as a leaf in the wind.

Floating, twirling, and dancing the song of life.

I can not say how long I walked.

I can although say; that I enjoyed an eternity that day.

Best wishes to everyone

Life is eternity

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