Everlasting Moment of Fulfillment

Fulfillment is; in a sense, to state that human beings are looking for salvation. We are always striving for fulfillment. This can be witnessed in how we interact in our personal and social activities. Fulfillment is always just around the corner. It is thought to be obtainable but always just out of reach.

A moment of fulfillment in our existence is possible when we forget that we are human. Yes, that sounds very strange but let’s consider it. What do I mean in saying that we should forget that we are human? Have you experienced a moment of unity with something or someone? This could be in the form a person, tree or animal. Reflect on how this felt? Would it be accurate to describe this experience as an expansion of time and space. The expansion may have been so intense that you were lost in that blink of an eye experience. You were free-falling with no definitions or boundaries. This is what I experience; your interpretation may be slightly different.

fulfillmentWe might describe this expansion experience in another way. You may no longer have the ability to distinguish between your body or mind from the thing that you were expanding into. Thus, you(the person) become lost in the sheer totality of it all. This may occur for a second, and it could last a few seconds or a few moments. Time does not play any significant role in this experience. The next time that you sense this expansion try being everything at once. Allow yourself; if possible, to be everything at once.

You may suddenly be aware that you no longer know you are in that moment. The totality of everything liberates you. Experiencing this liberation may give you an opportunity to come face to face with your true self. This true self is the totality in which you are engulfed within. Freedom from all restraints is usually experienced as a result of this liberation of what you “thought”

What does the statement “being everything” suggest? It is to be understood exactly as it is written; “be everything”. This is when “thinking” can get in the way of “being”. A person may think that practicing being everything involves the mind. We are conditioned to recognize such a statement as “Try to be everything.” as a process for the mind. How would you react if I suggest that “to be everything” requires little or no mind thought or even conscious intention?

This is an exercise of mind / thought release from consciousness. A state of intensified awareness. Do not give the thoughts or emotions any energy; neither of the mind or from the field of life energy. The thoughts and emotions are always insisting on taking a dominate role in any situation or experience. Practice not allow it to escalate to the point where the aware consciousness is lost in the clutter of mind / emotions.

What we are attempting is to go beyond body and mind. It is an expansion. I often refer to this as a consciousness melting. Everything comes together; space and time. It comes down to this one moment; this one breath. Everything is to be discovered within this moment of aware conscious expansion. It is a lose of the identity that makes us human. Being everything opens a portal to before this body was born, birth, childhood and adulthood; everything and nothing comes together in this one instant. The Buddha refers to “Anatta”. This is described as “non-self”. The practice of non-self through the teachings of Buddha can open this portal to totality. Wikipedia com offers information on Anatta (non-self), Dukkha (suffering, unsatisfactoriness), The Four Planes of Liberation and much more if you are interested in learning more.

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