Everyone Knows that Oz Never Gave the Tin Man Nothing that He Didn’t Already Have…

The escapades of the Tin Man in “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” are known to many people. Original book author L. Frank Baum surely had an awakened awareness of something that we all have sensed at one time or another. This would be that every experience starts with you; equally it also ends with you A true beginning and end are not relevant to life consciousness. Consciousness is what it is. It is eternal. Our essence is never-ending. This has, however, become unclear to us partly due to the manipulative human content of our existence.

Tin Man

The Tin Man had a heart but it was not made out of a biological organ that serves the purpose of pumping blood through a life form. The Tin Man’s heart was energized by the vibrational flow of conscious life energy. He and the group of merry knowledge seekers had everything that was needed; even before the journey began.

You Are the Tin Man

We might say that each had to be reminded about what had been forgotten. The four travelers in “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” experienced a reawakening to these inborn characteristics. The Tin Man’s search for his heart best depicts our continual desire to find enlightenment.

The book may have been based on fiction but its message was very clear. We are just like the travelers in the book in regard to our true essence. Moreover we usually spend each ever-lasting moment caught up in a multitude of distractions. We desire to embrace our true self but this often remains just out of reach (mentally). Perhaps there will be more and more “now” fulfillment as we learn to “be” the moment instead of being “of” the moment.

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