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Everything and beyond is not an introduction to a Syfy TV show. Everything is an extension of your “self”, is it not? The key may be found in how we are rooted in this human existence at the present moment. What we extend out into the universe may be based on several different variables. The first is strictly; spontaneous often repetitive, form mind and consciousness energy. The second is a release of energy vibrations that are a mixture of form mind and consciousness and the impulses from the universal consciousness. The third originates from a communion with the dimension of totality (oneness).

The bottom line is that “everything” reflects how you are grounded in that one precise moment. I experienced something quite common during a bus ride yesterday. This experience was however much more than “common”. This event triggered the inspiration to write this article. The bus driver honked the horn at a car. The bus driver must have known this person. He smiled at the person in the other car. What initiated my consideration into our human form, everything and beyond is “how” the bus driver honked the horn. The horn was honked in three soft, short bursts. Anyone listening could practically hear the friendliness in the horn honking. This set off a chain of R.I.I.G (Random Ideas and Images Generator) processes in my mind. Alain Hubrecht (Facebook) uses this title to describe the processes of the brain to outer and inner influences.

Everything beyond

Is it not true that we are everything? Everything is basically an extension of our “self”; either true “self” or delusional “self”. Perhaps it could be said that we; project input into / stimulate the expansion of, the frequency of the universe through this energy output. I feel that we can term this output mind or consciousness energy or both; since both are one. Let us further consider the example of the bus driver. The bus driver could have also been angry with the person in the other car. It is possible that this would have caused him to let his frustration out by honking the horn long and radically.

Here it is also important for us not to confuse normal human characteristics (including form consciousness) with the universal field of totality (universal consciousness). This is in reference to the bus drivers reactions as mentioned above. It is typical for us to react to different influences (inner and outer) in a purely human manner; we are after all… part human being.

The significance lies in how “we” flow with the behavior patterns of this human form. The “we” is the universal “I”. The first step is awareness of the field of “awareness”. Here I would like to refer to what Roxanne Sartori wrote in a comment recently. She wrote something to the extent of “we are the awareness, therefore we should be it” (paraphrasing). That is what the first step (only true step) is about. Being the awareness allows us to enter the portal of universal consciousness (oneness). We then understand clearly that we have not entered a portal of universal consciousness; rather we are “it”. We are everything and beyond. I wish to thank Roxanne Sartori and Michael Rawlings (Facebook) for their insight. This provided an excellent signpost for me.

The video links are from two Questions and Answers meetings with Jiddu Krishnamurti. The topics he discusses provide excellent insight.

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