Everything is Love

Everything or nothing; we live and we die. All this is insignificant compared to love. I have written a poem below about love. Love is not only shared between two people. It is shared by everything. Love is a topic that can be as illusive as our understanding of universal consciousness or oneness. Love is as complicated or simple as we choose to make it. It is the mental and conscious energy output frequencies that manifest an existence of love and life or not.


I am currently writing a third book that considers the many aspects of love. The book will discuss what love might be and what we have done with it. The book reflects on how we have used and abused love throughout our species, personal and social development. The poem is about the rapture of being in love.




People speak of love.
Thereby seeing love through tainted glasses.
This happens often, it is true.
I am floating on a cloud.
There is so much love I feel inside.
This is the feelings and love I have for you.
Still I see everything with a crystal clear vision.

I look at you and I see everything.
I see you now, at this moment, young and so beautiful.
I see a woman; wanting and desiring.
I look at you and feel how wonderful you are.
I see inside you, thereby touching souls.
There is true love.

There is so much to be found there.
There is love, compassion and desire.
This love is so strong when we touch.
This is love that we give and receive.
Reality is never far away, this to is true.
I see everything as it is and will be.
Life does what it does.
It gives us neither paradise nor hell.

I look at you, knowing the sweetness and the bitterness.
I look at you, knowing that it will not always be easy.
I look at you, knowing that we will eventually be older.
I look at you, knowing that the day will come when we are old.
It thrills me to see you as a granny.
This picture thrills me as much as the young woman before me.

I love you even more because I see you as everything.

No matter how many times I look at you …
I know one thing.
I always want to be with you.
I will always be there for you.
You, your love and compassion are my strength.
I want to be there for you.
I wish for you to know that I will catch you if you should fall.
There are doubts and fears inside you.
You can release these; don’t be afraid.
Our hearts have intertwined.
I feel the pain from the past; still inside you.
We must let go of the past.
We shall live for now and tomorrow.
I know this to be real.
I feel that it is true.

If you want me, I’ll always be there for you.
I wish to be no where else; only with you.
You have shown me love.
This love has bloomed.
This love is our strength.
Love and understanding of each other will show us the way.
We are truly together; you and I.
You are my Sunshine.
A flower can not survive without sunshine.
Nor can I live or love without you.
My soul would surely wilt.
Without the sunshine my heart would surely die.
You are everything.


Best wishes to everyone

©Steve Leasock


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