Everything is Unfair: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No Evil

We have a tendency to accuse everything; whether person or situation, of being unfair. We expect an existence based on descriptive illusions which offer a Garden of Eden. We had discussed the topic “Nothing to Lose” in the last article. There is a correlation between our assumptions that things and people are unfair and the equally presumptuous notions that we are constantly losing things and people during our existence. When we say that “life is unfair” or “I have lost everything”, what are we really referring to? We are actually saying that any given situation is not fulfilling our expectation. We automatically refer to it as being unfair.

The loss of “something” is often overwhelming. The conditioned state of our existence expresses this as mentioned in the last article; “a series of highs and lows”. This article is using the term (highs and lows) in reference to losing something and everything being unfair. There are naturally “loses” that occur on the plane of our species existence. Things and people come in and out of our existence. I do not wish to suggest that a person can not lose a loved one or that your boss is not unfair. People have such situation on a daily basis. There will also be a “feeling” of losing something or frustration or anger resulting from the assumption that something is unfair. These and any other such examples occur on the level of our human form experiences. The field of totality (oneness) however offers no such experience conditions as loss or unfairness.

Human beings have been on a self-constructed road of delusional Hell for millenniums. (This was very likely necessary to develop and allow the awakening that is occurring in more and more people.) The center point of this delusion is strangely enough, an interpretation of the human form. We say that something or someone is unfair. We use this term when viewing something strictly from the perspective of human form experiences. It, he or she is unfair to me may actually be how a person reaches out for help. Could it be that what is really unfair is your accusations in reference to someone or something? Naturally there are given examples when someone might truly be unfair to you.

Unfair or Fair: It Is all the Same

How you interpret this or respond to it is however within your power. A situation or any given moment; for that matter, can never actually be unfair. There is no such phenomenon in the universe or in absolute consciousness. Assuming or worst insisting that the universe or life is unfair would be as ridiculous as saying that the earth was unfair for being in the projected path of the Mars sized planet Theia. It collided with the Earth approximately 4.5 billion years ago.

The energy frequency that we release into the field of consciousness is what will usually occur; this occurrence will unfold in a nature way. Here we can reflect shortly on the last article… The vibrating field of oneness will give you what you give it. It is oneness without ups and downs; it responses to the signal that you transmit. The rippling emission of your single thought will be a cumulative wave of unfairness if this is what your base energy / thought transmission was a point of origin. This would be the moment of creation from with the frequency of aware mental and conscious energy output. This output response would be based on our unity with the field of totality. This can be understood in the Bible scriptures …for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

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