Existence: With or Without a Purpose?


What is the purpose of our existence? Why do we exist? The intelligence level of our human mind encourages curiosity. It insists that we ask questions. The driving force behind most questions is to determine a reason or purpose. The “purpose” of questioning is often to determine the “purpose” of a situation, person or cause and affect. At least this is what the brain convinces us. This is typical for most questions that we have involving existence issues and life. The history of humankind is full of people asking questions. Belief’s and belief structures interfere greatly by projecting falsities concealing the natural flow of life and love. Humankind promotes the idea that a God gave human beings love for a purpose. Why does that sound familiar? This statement is par to the course considering our current discussion concerning a purpose in life. An appropriate “question” may be; must there always be a purpose for everything?

It has often been written and told that humankind has been giving love and the ability to love as a gift from a God. We thus often conclude that love is purely a human factor that was designed primarily for us. What we overlook is the fact that love stems from life. Any living being that evolves beyond a given mental and conscious level will achieve a deeper synchronicity with love / life. This can first be fully appreciated when the shift from species conscious to universal consciousness begins. Existing more from within the dimension of totality will nurture an increasing awareness of just how miraculous the life / love energy vibration can be. Events and desires will begin to transpire quite naturally through our communion with this energy vibration.

Life never established a purpose for us. It is not concerned whether we love, live or die. We all seem to have great difficulty in accepting this as fact. This may be one of the reasons why humankind has been in need of a savior. The validation of a God would make everything so much easier; or would it? This God could then be the reason for love and life. Reflectively speaking this may sound good; but why are we really looking for someone or something to give the responsibilities of our existence. The “God” or “reason for everything” that we so desperately want to find is an attempt to explain love and life. We are actually searching for our own true self. We are the co-creators of our existence.

Life energy is the creator; consciousness is the portal. The dimension of life oneness is actually nothing that should be compared to a “creator” or any other thing; it is a state of “being”. As mentioned before; life is not interesting in providing you with details such as what is your purpose. Life is simply what it is. We are essentially life…here to experience our true self. We are.

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