Expanding Beyond


We are constantly expanding beyond a given point. This expanding may occur in any given area of our existence; at any given moment. This may be expanding a skill or going beyond a defined limit in physical aptitude. We are also experiencing an expanding of mind and consciousness in reference to spirituality. This may also partially explain why we refer to our experiences in spiritual topics as “a path” or “the path”. We visualize the experiences as a path or journey. We are expanding beyond a given point of knowledge with each mental / conscious step we take.

We; each and every one of us, know nothing and everything. This is equally true in areas of spirituality. We fill the nothing on a continual basis with everything that we have experienced. The act of sharing and discussing ideas and insights also provides an expansion of mind and consciousness. We learn, grow and become more aware through sharing.

I would like to share something with you now. It is also meant as a DEDICATION to you. I usually write an article that is roughly five hundred to seven hundred words. Today I am going to stop writing.  I wish to ask you to take five to eight minutes in which you will fill (mentally / consciously) the post with your ideas, insights, dreams, wish and what ever else you may which to experience within the eight minutes. You will be tapping into the frequency of life energy and universal consciousness; be aware.
Please begin “now”:




Thank you for sharing. I wish everyone a fulfilling day. I would be honored if anyone would wish to share with me what they experienced.


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