We build expectations on the foundation of thought patterns. These thoughts are products of the mind. We exist continually in the one instant that is real. This one moment is the experience of now that can be validated. There is no other moment. The fulfillment of this moment will render any expectations obsolete. This will occur when we experience or feel the actual moment.

The mind is too preoccupied with memories or expectations associated with a non-existent past or an equally non existent next moment. The present everlasting moment remains separated from us. We usually consider the present moment as a means to an end. This means to an end (now) is usually filled with two mind induced elements; expectations or fear. We expect that the next moment will either bring something good or bad. We interact with any given moment in this manner.

Both fear and expectations are very inhibiting to the acceptance of, and expansion of our form consciousness. This holds us in a loop of disillusions created by the mind content field. We assume, believe and interpret all from the field of mind content with perhaps a slight pinch of consciousness. This pinch of consciousness is composed largely of form consciousness. The form consciousness feels the universal consciousness, but seldom enters the portal due to the mind’s overwhelming content structures.

This may hold a key to understanding why our brains intellectual capacity has increased considerably rapid while our consciousness expansion has struggled severally. This consciousness impairment has resulted due to the mind = creative intelligence, emotions and the ego. Our mind basically fills the void of consciousness with useless content garbage. The consciousness is forced to an almost complete standstill in such a moment when the mind strongly dominates.

I find myself asking a question that I have asked many times. “How do we humans cut this repetitive cycle of mind / thought behavior?” This conditioned behavior usually always succeeds in short-circuiting the portal to human consciousness; thus also universal consciousness. We can find the dimension of consciousness when it is overshadowed by layers of mind content structures. Consciousness is life; therefore it is constant. This however does not benefit our species when it is lost in mind made content structures.

Alain Hubrecht and I have been considering ideas and possibilities concerning the process between our human mind activities and the dimension of consciousness, from both the level of form and life consciousness. Alain has termed the mind activities as a “random ideas and images generator”. This is a very accurate description of the processes that occur in our brain. Fatal is when we are not actually aware of how insignificant most of these processes are in fulfilling a moment of presence.

I am excited about exploring a theory about this that he and I are now working on. Alain has some interesting insight into areas of our mind and consciousness. You can read about these on his Facebook page LesConsciences. I will also be posting our ideas here on Facebook and my website. We would be thankful for any input that you may have concerning this pattern of mind activities in association with consciousness.

Best wishes

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