Experience Life

It is really about experiencing everything; is it not so? I have offered different articles recently discussing existence, the mind, consciousness, energy and life. I feel that there is so much more for us to consider.

There may be one significant observation to consider in all of these topics. Questions such as “What am I?”, “What is my purpose?” or “What is life?” are pointless other than to satisfy the demanding human need to “know”. This may be a rather simplified definition of our behavior but I feel it reflects the human nature.

The observation that I am referring to deals with how we experience any given situation, topic or encounter. This does not mean that there is truly any established response to the any given act of experiencing.

The real magic lies in the ability to be aware of an experience; all experiences. A natural flow will always occur in an active state of life awareness.

I have included two video clips from Alan Watts. The short clips consider aspects of being alive and the reality of being alive. The videos offer insight that pertains to what we have been considering and discussing within the articles that I posted over the last few weeks. The actual experience of existence, life, the universe and consciousness is the portal to everything. To experience everything is to experience our true self.

Best wishes

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