Experiences: Human vs. Life

How does the title Experiences: Human vs. Life make you feel? Does it sound abstract, vague, and foolish or is there something inside that urges you to question this statement?
I had mentioned living in the moment in part one of this blog. What does this really mean? There are probably quite a few of you that have felt this to some degree during your existence now as a human being. Sometimes it is only a millisecond of awareness, but it is there. Others have talked about this “feeling”. I can recall Eckhart Tolle speaking about this in several of his lectures. I had not yet understood (felt) the dimension that he was referring to in his description of what it is to live in the moment. You may “think” that it must be terribly difficult to obtain this state of awareness; mush the less maintain it for any given length. I purposely used the word “think” to signify that this is our old friend’s ego, conditioning and emotional behavior. This trio is manipulating us into believing that a more acute sense of awareness is too difficult. This is their specialty. This restrictive; but very powerful, influence compels us to stay within our self-created illusion bubble.

We feel the truth concerning life constantly. We reach for it occasionally. We attempt this by letting go of the restrictive emotional and conditional patterns that have been programmed into our human development. There is so much vastness in the state of awareness. The use of the word “awareness” should not be misunderstood. The human senses are often heightened by a situation; any situation. This type of awareness is caused by the evolutional and social patterns of our species. This is not what we are referring to when speaking about true awareness or true consciousness. This is something much grander, more insightful then any state of form induced awareness. I would like to continue this discussion in a later blog entry.

I and other readers would be interested in your understanding of “awareness” please write a comment or send me an email. Let’s take this topic down the rabbit hole and see where it leads.

Best wishes

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