Experiences: It All Comes Down to “What Do You Want?“

Every human being experiences life. We have an amazing aptitude for defining each experience. These definitions range from „fantastic to miserable“. We have thus super-imposed conditioning factors into our existence. It is interesting to note that often we do not actually partake of the experience by being aware of what is actually happening. We do however spend considerable life energy in persuading ourselves that…”we are happy” or “we are unhappy“. A thread of truth is there in each experience. We may have a situation that awakens a mental memory pattern; either about what was or what will be.

But are we actually experiencing the present situation. What do the good or bad situations really represent to you? There are misfortunes, mistakes and problems as we perceive a given situation.

Are these all perhaps the stepping stones of our existence? Our conscious awakening is composed of a process similar to stepping stones scattered across a mountain stream. A higher level of perceptive awareness is very beneficial in crossing a stream. This naturally holds true in experiencing our existence.

Experiences of Life

You can either be “there“ in that moment or you can already consider what you will do when you have reached the next stone or the opposite shore. Not truly being aware of the stone you are standing on may result in you loosing your footing. A dunk in the mountain stream will surely follow. What happens, however, when you are aware of the stone that you are standing on and the water surrounding the stone?

You then become the stone and the water. A level of perception occurs that can change a gray textured view of your existence to a multicolored rainbow. This allows unity to unfold. It is then possible to sense the oneness that is usually over-shadowed by our defined content structures. We might sum up this discussion with one word: “decide“. It is really about deciding what you wish to experience. Neither the stream nor the stones scattered in it decides. It is you and I that initiate, decide and execute the unfolding of our existence and how universal energy will manifest.

Best wishes


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