Experiences: Mind and Consciousness Experiencing Existence

Experiences contribute to mind and consciousness. A pattern as developed whereby mind insists on controlling. It seems impossible to find true fulfillment in this human life. What is responsible for this dilemma?  There are many elements within our human being form structure that contributes to this dilemma. Some people would say these consist of conditioning, emotions, and or the ego. There are others that might say it is our creative intelligence; although I feel fewer would be willing to admit this. The words “creative intelligence” sounds so positive. The definition “creative intelligence” could be considered deceptive, but not necessarily positive.


Then there is the level of our human consciousness. The two areas of discussion to be considered would be our species evolved traits and the level of our species consciousness. The biological mind is a collection of experiences (input). Mind does not equal consciousness. Consciousness although does provide a reference point for all the thought and emotion activities in the brain.

Consciousness is taken for granted in our human experiences. However, human ego and conditioning use this to profit greatly from consciousness. We always want more. Everyone is always looking outward. The true potential of our species consciousness has only been experienced by a few human beings. This true potential does not mean grasping for more content input. It does not imply achieving more. What would discovering our true potential give us? We would discover that it is only the misuse of our form consciousness that makes our existence so unfulfilling.

Experiences Beyond the Mind

People are continually searching for salvation through application of the mind.  The mind is influenced predominately by a process of experiences and our conditioned emotional reactions to these experiences. Then are we truly anchored in life? We are usually not really aware of what is happening in each everlasting moment of life. This allows very little opportunity for real consciousness to blossom. We remain stuck in a limbo state of existence. There is really no way to feel life or be absorbed by life when a person primarily exists from mind content. The mind usually dominates our existence activities. Life is however something outside of the mind and body.

The mind and body naturally participate in life; are indeed a part of life. This inactive / active participation is through an object form being manifested with life energy. Here again; as with all forms, mind and body contribute to this life energy manifestation as well as contributing to this vibration field. The human minds participation in the experiences of life has; for whatever reasons, become misguided and lost.

The brain is stimulated through experiences. The brain then gives back its interpretations of any given experience. Most people would say that the brain affects consciousness although his may not be exactly correct. Furthermore, both influence each other. The mind has been interpreting and manipulating consciousness for hundreds of thousands of years. This has given the mind a false sense of dominance in our human experiences.


Best wishes to everyone

P.S. This is a manuscript draft excerpt from my second book. It was published in December 2016

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