Expressions of Appreciation


Hi everyone

There are truly many forms of appreciation. Sharing a smile, helping someone in need or giving someone a compliment are a few. My appreciation is directed to all those that I have encountered on the path of my existence. There was a period in my existence when I was very confused by the interaction between myself, people and situations.

This was due to the manipulation of my thoughts and emotions. This manipulation occurs as a consequence of a conditioned mind and ego. I am naturally still confronted by an every hungry ego in different situations. The conditioned structuring of the mind also often deters awareness to the flowing rhythm of universal energy. These are the perils of human existence which we all face on a daily basis.

I have witnessed something quite amazing in moments of reflection concerning experiences with any given person or situation. It is becoming possible for me to show appreciation for all that occurs in my existence. Granted there are moments when I respond quite spontaneously to an event. I use the word “spontaneously” to indicate that I response fully from the level of human mental perception in such a moment. This is when the unchecked mind or emotions give impulses ranging from good to bad, happy or sad and so on.

There is something constant in every experience your encounter. The “I” is always the common denominator. The “I” that is in harmony with its true “self” will never find real liability or blame in the actions of a person or events of a situation; not truly. There is never anything that can prevent happiness and appreciation to blossom; other than you. This acknowledgment is when appreciation for everything may start to grow. The mistaken beliefs of the mind will then begin to transform into understanding. A true mental and conscious expansion is available in every situation. It is not just the people or situations that we deem as being beneficial to this growth; but all people and situations.

Best wishes


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