I feel like I am running against an invisible wall…

I wish to share my feelings concerning Facebook usage with everyone. Everyone will have his or her own feelings about Facebook; still what I wish to write about today goes beyond an insignificant concept such as Facebook. Facebook is however a good starting off point for the discussion.

I am actually referring to the spiraling highs and lows that we experience daily in our existence. It all seems to be too much; we perpetuate an existence comprised of needing and demanding. It is not that it is our own personal wish to conform and behave in this manner. We feel victimized by the world of humankind. We insist that the world around us is to blame for practically everything. Everyone wants something from us; so it would seem. The existence concept friction increases as we continuously try to do what is required; to do what “must” be done. Must something really be done? We strive on. This is true, but often we don’t know why. The seeming few moments of passion or joy renounce our conviction to keep going.

We do this more or less “believing” and for that reason “think” that it must be this way. There is real truth in this sentence. We experience, behave and even feel based on the mental projections of our “believing” and “thinking” patterns. Our species consciousness has not yet fathomed the actuality of life consciousness. Therefore we have spend millenniums conjuring up falsities about our existence and life. We have continued to do this because our true nature is corrupted by the staggering complexity of our conceptually generated content structures.

For point of clarity I would like to revise the above sentence. It is perhaps better to say that the assumptions and definitions composing our existence / life illusions are responsible for blocking the portal to universal intelligence. We feel this dimension / portal constantly. This has always been true. The problem is that we become lost in the mind-bogging content world; both inwardly and outwardly, that surrounds us.

You may be wondering why I referred to Facebook at the beginning of this article. Facebook perpetuates exactly what I have been writing about here. Please remember that everyone will have a different interpretation of what I am about to write. Facebook is founded on the principles of global communications. It is a method by which each person can reach out to the world. There are the matters of privacy and misuse of personal data. These are unfortunate by-products of this enterprise. This word “enterprise” is a good jumping off point through which we can address the major topic of this discussion. Facebook has become too big; much to complicated. Here I am not just referring to the display surface and setting options that you view. I am referring to the enormity of everything that is “not” seen.

We could continue to discuss the many different aspects evolving around the core of Facebook. I however wish to concentrate on one particular topic. This would be sharing.
The areas of privacy and abuse of personal data; of course, dare not be forgotten in our discussion about sharing. Still the Facebook routine generally consist of people who are your “friends” conversing in a type of electronic sharing platform.

This is where I have my reservations about Facebook. What is portrayed on Facebook should come from the actuality of a persons views and understanding of the world. It is about sharing; when possible without doubt or fear.

That is why I have one last question.

Is there no one interested in the writing contest that I wish to offer? Please read older Facebook Posts for details about the contest if you are not familiar with it. The contest will hopefully be very reflective of sharing. It is meant to nurture your interests in expressing what you feel, about yourself, the world and life. I am sure that there are several of you that have a desire to express yourself through a written form such as a poem or short story.

This is your chance. I have three books in area’s of spirituality / self-help that I wish to offer as first prize. Sadly I see no point in having a contest when no one is interested.

I need you. Write me concerning questions about the contest. The contest will be offered as soon as I receive enough feedback and interest in contest participation. The three books are definitely worth taking the first step into the dimension of your writing potential. More significantly it is an opportunity to express yourself by using what you feel about love and life.

I look forward to Posts, comments or emails concerning the contest.

Best wishes

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