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There are so many Facebook groups. Joining a group should be done with careful consideration. Any given group should naturally reflect your interests, hobbies or wishes; this is especially relevant. There are various types of groups: all of which have one mutual feature; a group is a sharing experience. It has become a monotonous endeavor for many people that have joined one or more of these groups. Groups are abundant and often attract and tolerate group content that does not reflect the groups interests.


It is wonderful to meet and share with many people in Facebook, Twitter and through my website. I am grateful for this sharing, learning and growing experience that has contributed to my state of awareness in human existence and life unity. I have decided to establish a Facebook group with the wish to provide a deeper conscious living experience for everyone.

Here is the Description / Introduction that I have used for the group:

Group Philosophy

“Walk each moment hand in hand with life and do not stray from this path; enlightenment is discovered in each step along the way.”

This group is designed to share life energy through conscious interaction with our being, our surroundings and the universe; all of which are one self. It will nurture a life sanctuary environment for individuals that are involved in sharing, learning and growing with others; who are embracing a level of human consciousness that is attuned with life consciousness. The group shares experiences in conscious living.

The group is dedicated to spirituality, human existence and life awareness.

Every human experience can be a portal to higher consciousness and life unity. It is a learning process which involves being aware of the awareness that has been initiated in that moment. This happens when we are truly aware and can accept life and feel it. Consequently this requires learning to experience the moment as it is and not how we demand it to be.

The group is also a sharing experience for people that wish to express themselves through writing. I would personally be honored to experience individuals that would like to share their ideas and insights about our existence and life. This sharing could be in the form of a short story, poem or article. Many people feel the desire to express what they feel, but for whatever reason do not do it. My wish is to encourage and support individuals that would like to write and share.

This group is not a portal for topics in politics, religion, racism, aliens, UFOs, unexplainable pictures / events / articles, gossip of any nature, human/animal/plant abuse or sexuality in any form.  There will be no topics displayed that knowingly or unknowingly will nurture a further mental frequency of hatred, fear, separation or general manipulation and restriction of life conscious energy.

A Group that Shares

You may be saying to yourself “Great, then what should I write about and share in the group?” Furthermore I am looking forward to you surprising me with ideas and insights that promote the expansion of human consciousness awakening to the awareness of life. This life awareness is about being here now and not about the content of our existence. Furthermore it is about experiencing and manifesting life in unity with the now.

Consequently this is possible through a shift in our perspective of human existence in relation to life. We can do this by going Beyond the Mind. There we will realize that we have returned home. The essence of life is not a paradise but it is a truth. Any life-form that evolves beyond a given mental and conscious level can achieve a deeper synchronicity with love…life and ultimately universal consciousness. However this can only occur when the given life-form is aware and willing. Therefore awakening simply involves awareness of the moment. This will eventually allow the human form consciousness and universal life consciousness to reunite harmoniously.

I have published the group as “Open to Public”. I hope that everyone will understand that any member that will be added by another member or Admin can and will be banned from the group if the group guidelines are not respected.

P.S. The group name is: Simplicity of Life. I look forward to your visit and hope that you will consider joining. Here is the link:

Best wishes to everyone


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