Sunday was the big day. I finally decided to join Facebook. Up to this point I had no real desire to use Facebook. I however spent many weeks looking at all of the available dos and don’ts  when considering Facebook.  Facebook offers an internet global communication network. Unfortunately it has been prone to changes brought on by increasingly tighter regulations and usage terms. These changes have occurred due to the continually expanding network that Internet has provided. This has also caused more frequent misuse of such services. This is the never-ending story, back and forth it goes.

There is of course a bright side. Facebook opens up a vast communication avenue. When used moderately; with a sense of responsibility, Facebook provides an opportunity for anyone: housewife, business, or writer to present him self, her self, or ideas or products. This is what converted me from a non-user to user. I am still somewhat skeptical but wish to give Facebook a chance. This also requires accepting that there are good Facebook users and bad Facebook users. This implies that caution is advisable when interacting with other members.

Facebook does give a potential writer or business a worldwide product commercialization platform. This; in addition to what I wrote above, is why I convinced myself that Facebook holds good potential. It is a means by which I can share my continually growing interest and insights in spirituality / esoteric or the word that I choose as reference to these topics would be “life”. Facebook provides a worldwide gateway to people who are also discovering a new dimension of consciousness. I am also very interested in sharing, learning and growing with other individuals that wish to develop his or her passion for creative writing.

It would be wonderful to hear from you. Drop me a line or write a post. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with Facebook.


best wishes

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