FEAR: It is not just a Halloween ghost story

Fear once represented something much different than it does today… The daylight had dissipated into darkness. A small group of our immediate ancestors (members of the genus Australopithecus) huddle together under a section of rocks near the base of a cliff. There was movement to be heard in the nearby bush. Past experiences had taught this group of prehistoric human beings that the noise in the bushes surely indicated danger.


This type of repeated behavioral reaction to a given situation was originally based on Species-Specific Defense Reaction (S.S.D.R.). This is what gives a life form the winning survival edge in the wild. This reaction tendency was / is quickly conditioned into our reaction patterns. This happens due to our mental capacity (intelligence, memory etc.) This was quickly conditioned into our species due to evolution factors, social interactions and naturally the influences of our surrounding environment. Fear was replaced with anxiety. An anxiety related to fear was born.

Fear; as many other human characteristics, has been created by evolutionary traits of our species (creative intelligence, emotions, conditioning, ego). Fear is seldom the true culprit in our daily interactions when “fear” seems to appear. We confuse a feeling of fear with a conditioned reaction based on past experiences or future anxieties; Past or future has no validity except in our personal and collective mind (thoughts). I realize that I am going out onto a limb once again; but I wish to express what I feel. What does the sentence mean? “My biggest fear is failure.”

Experience Fear or Live Consciously?

Do you or I actually have a fear of failing? No, the emotions that are confused with fear are nothing more than personal and collective conditioned responses to a concept defined “failure”. The reasons for the emotional outburst could be due to any number of past or future anxieties. These emotional reactions are embedded / interwoven within our mental structure framework. Here is another sentence that we can use. “I fear being laughed at for having a big nose.” Are we actually experiencing real “fear” in that moment? Or is this simply the original S.S.D.R. being super-charged with conditioned mental = emotional responses? These conditioned responses have had hundreds of thousands of years to develop; perhaps more.

It is a confusing, complex topic to discuss. The complexity may simply stem from our conditioned mind / thought behavior patterns. This article was intended as an introduction to “Fear” as it is known in our existence. Fear seems to be one of the key deterrents in stopping the human consciousness from embracing and eventually reunite with the universal consciousness. Fear as with all aspects of our species development had and will continue to have usefulness in our existence. It does however appear as if humankind is consciously awakening to the necessity for change. A shift in the perception of our known reality may initiate this change.

I will be continuing this article with a closer look at how fear may be restricting and manipulating us from accepting universal consciousness. Fear may actually be one of the necessary “signposts” that will help us to reunite with the universal conscious energy dimension.  This vibration could be called an awakening or simply an acceptance of what is felt on the level of totality. I would very much appreciate your ideas and insight concerning fear and the other topics that will be presented.

Best wishes


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