Feather Floating Free in Life

Many people may be familiar with the feather at the beginning and end of the movie Forrest Gump. There was also a reference made at the end of the movie about our existence being comparable to a feather flowing through the air.


The term destiny or fate has been used to describe the unfolding of events in our human existence and this however is different then observing life as a whole. A feather floats on air and appears to be blown back and forth by the wind. Is this its fate in life or is it simply a victim of the wind blowing?

Now ask yourself this same question. Is what happens to you caused by something called fate? Or could it be that thoughts, people and basically everything blows you back and forth in the dimension of life? Which is it? This first seems very difficult to determine accurately. Is it one or the other or both?

What if we were to say that it is neither? Is there really such a phenomenon as fate? The only plausible reason why everything and everyone seems to manipulate or even restrict us from experiencing our existence and life is because we allow this to happen. You and how you observer yourself, the world and life are the deciding elements in understanding where, why and what is in this moment.

A Feather Gliding in Life

Conscious living may offer us a new perspective regarding our daily activities and understanding of how everything unfolds. Does a feather fight against the wind or define the wind as being its fate? This is unlikely simply because it is experiencing the natural flow of the wind. It does this without interpretation or definition. The feather is one with the now of this moment because it allows life to flow through it and the wind to move it.

Image yourself as a feather gliding through the space of life. You, as a conscious being, have the ability to allow yourself to float unrestricted in this dimension. The difference between you and a feather is that you are self-conscious and can be aware of gliding in this energy field. Additionally you can be the wind that can manifest where, when and what you experience. This is possible but dependent on your state of awareness to object and universal consciousness.

The gushing winds of our existence often obscure the portal between object and life consciousness with human content structures. However the gateway is always there regardless of where or why you think or believe that the blowing wind is your fate. It is not. There is only you and it is you that is either consciously aware or not.

Best wishes

P.S. The YouTube video link is the scene when Forrest Gump visits Jennie’s grave and shares his philosophy on life. This link from Psychology Today considers why human beings complicate everything.
Psychology Today


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