Feel the Tears

I recently meet someone that inspired me to write the poem I have included below. This experience deeply and emotionally stirred me through the love, dedication and also sadness that I consciously felt in this person. Human beings often feel the tears of sadness because of various reasons.


There are many people that have so much love to give and wish to be loved by someone that will be there to love and to give love in return. Furthermore there is love in all things and it is interwoven within the essence of life. However we often become confused and even fearful of loving someone in a close relationship.

A person will care and love others and life itself but becomes oblivious to the fact that what he or she really wishes is someone special to share with and love. It can be scary when a person makes this realization. Strangely enough, however, he or she will fight it by holding back the tears instead of reaching out.

I Feel the Tears

There are tears that you cannot cry.
I feel these tears and I wonder why.
There is a smile on your face.
But alas, there is sadness of the heart.

You are there for others; there is no doubt.
You give, you share and you always care.
There is a special someone and this will always be.
It is your son, your sunshine and joy.
You give him all the love you possibly can.
He is and will always be your number one.

You see the wonder in his eyes.

The joy you give him is returned in his smile.
It is he who never gives up; he always tries.
He laughs, he jumps and he plays the day away.
You hold him close; always near to your heart.
He is your strength to start each new day.

You love him and life.
It is amazing; these feelings so true.
However, how about you?
It is true that you and your son are one.
Still you realize there is more that you desire.
Hold back the tears, you say.
You do this each time your son glances your way.
It is your son’s love that helps ease the pain.
His heart is open; his love is true.

Another day is done.
Your son has gone sleeping.
Twilight hour has begun and cannot be undone.
The reservoir of tears slowly flows through your heart.
You look to the starry sky; each night you wonder why.

You hang your head low.

The tears swell up inside; but again you say no.
Just for today, you say, I will not cry.
You hope tomorrow will not be the same.
However the sadness is often too much.
You feel the need to break down; to fall down.
It is almost frightened; could it be that you are scared?

You wish to know that when you fall; someone will hold you.
It is your desire to hear a kind word and often a soft touch.
You care and you love this life and your son.
Is it so wrong to wish for someone to hold and be loved?
There they are again; these tears that you hid.

Again I ask… what about you?
There are tears that you cannot cry.
I feel these tears and I wonder why.

Best wishes and love to everyone


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