Feeling Instead of Thinking

The life dimension portal can best be reached by feeling life, not thinking about it. The abstract thinking processes deter any true harmony with the vibrations of life. We are constantly analyzing, evaluating and categorizing human species content. We have associated this content with our interpretations of life.


Feeling Beyond Thinking

Is it even possible to truly “feel” life when we use such methods? Take a moment and recall when you “felt a unity with something that you could not quite explain. Did you need a religion, science formula or any other human aspect when you had this oneness unity?

I can not every recall having any given thought about anything during a moment when I felt that certain something that I simply call “life”. There is no need for any “thinking” to occur. The human consciousness simple enters the dimension of life. In that moment it “is” just as life “is”. Feeling life instead of thinking about life provides space in our daily activities.

Best wishes

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