Feeling or Thinking: What do we Experience?

The words feeling and thinking are familiar to everyone but let’s go beyond what we apparently know. * Feeling originates from the verb to feel and thinking is the process of considering or reasoning. (* Wikipedia and web dictionary)

Humanity should, according to these definitions, consist of everyone experiencing empathy and being actively aware. This is however generally not true of humankind. The level of feeling something is based on personal experiences and development that is partly integrated into our collective reactions.

Thinking is also considered to be an individual process that is influenced, among other things, to some degree by everything that we experience. How does this information help us in our awakening to conscious living or enlightenment? It doesn’t, at least not in a universal sense.

Is it possible to feel without the strong influences of our emotions? These reactions are counterproductive and may actually strengthen the barrier that seems to isolate us from observing everything from a true conscious state of being. Feeling and emotions are used in the same context but are actually different. It has been said that they are two sides of the same coin.

Feeling Consciousness

I have a tendency to share and express myself through feeling and not thinking. I am not referring to emotions when I do feel something in this way. This is also how I usually tend to share ideas and insights, not by what I think but by what I feel. You do this also in a moment when the mind is not dominating your state of awareness.

We may not realize the extent of this in reference to conscious living in that moment due to mind reactions (emotions and thoughts). The mind quickly distract us from being conscious to our own person, immediate surroundings and the sense of universality that is always in the background of our activities. Therefore it is more a conscious experience rather than an emotional or thought occurrence.

A conscious state of awareness allows feeling anything to become a universal experience that offers complete access to the dimension of life consciousness. Feeling something is furthermore a response to conscious awareness and not to emotions or thoughts.

Best wishes and happiness

P.S. Here are two articles from Psychology Today in reference to the mind, consciousness, feeling and emotions.





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