Field of Eternity: The Absolute

There is a field of eternity. It is nurtured by vibrating energy. Does this field exist because there is energy or does energy existence because there is a field? These are question that cannot be answered when related to consciousness. Consciousness; in itself, is an unanswered mystery. Does life “need” energy or consciousness or are these a by-product of life? It could easily be the opposite. There may first have been energy. This energy may have developed a state of consciousness. These two states of “being” = energy + consciousness, may have then created life in objects.

We can consider many variations relating to this topic but the fact remains; there is “something” that is beyond the mind. Let’s focus on energy as a conductive, vibration source. We cannot truly say that it is contained within a field or dimension. According to Albert Einstein and other scientists the universe is not eternal. But does the validation of an eternal universe or non-eternal universe clarify a field of energy? Furthermore can we or should we consider there being a central or main energy frequency? Let’s considering this hypothesis to be possible or true.

Does this mean that the energy (thought or consciousness) produced by any brain is actually a sub-frequency of one energy source? How can we consider this in terms of spirituality? This one energy source is comprised within a field that pulsates. Spiritually speaking would be to say that this is the eternal oneness. This explanation would be accurate because nothing or everything has a state of “oneness”. Whether there is a field of eternity or not is irrelevant.

Field of the Unmanifested

There is true significance in this statement. It incorporates objects, consciousness (localized & universal) and energy. The unmanifested is the absolute. This is the “oneness” that we speak about in spirituality. Religion defines the absolute as a “God”. Science does its best to remain impartial when expressing the absolute. This unmanifested (absolute) is truly stated; everything and nothing.

How is this pertinent to our existence and life? You, me and everything that exists influences this realm of absolute. Strangely enough everything that is experienced in the manifested energy dimension is illusionary. This is to say that everything is only as “real” as you decide it to be. Reflect on this last sentence for a moment when considering aspects of your existence such as assumptions, beliefs and judgments. All many of these experiences “real” or are do they only seem this way because you want them to be real? Another way of expressing this would be to say that, we are mentally and emotionally conditioned to accept them as real.

A frequency of energy is flowing through all objects. Everything manifested has the potential to co-create within a field of the unmanifested (absolute). What we experienced can either be observed for what it is or it can remain clouded by conditioned mental and emotional patterns. The title “A Field of Eternity” inspires almost poetic visions of endless possibilities. That is exactly what a person can experience when he or she has begun the process of shifting perception. The real beauty lies in the aware realization that you are creating hand in hand with the absolute. The totality is the one truth.

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