First Book Published

Hello everyone

Thursday was the big day. My first book was published. This book publication was not a mission completion to be compared with the first moon landing. It did however feel really good. I published my first book through Amazon Createspace. I would like to share with you what I experienced from the initial book idea up to the book publication. Book writing and publishing is a learning process. It is filled with ups and downs and trial and error. I had originally hoped to find a traditional publisher or literary agency for the book publication. I sent book queries / book proposals to many such publishers and agencies. A few responded with a short email reply: “Thanks but this is not what we are looking for at this time. I wish you the best in finding a publishing company.” Many of you have perhaps experienced something similar. I read a lot of information about traditional publishing vs. self-publishing. Then I researched varies self-publishing companies. I then based my decision to publish with Createspace on the company history, public reviews and Amazon’s reputation / worldwide product outlet.

I have had good experiences with the staff of Createspace. Everything went smoothly throughout the publishing process. I want to thank the individuals from Createspace that were part of the book project. There were a few situations during the processing when I felt a little unease. I feel that these were typical jitters that a person feels during the stages of book publishing.

The question concerning the publication of your first written manuscript is not to be taken lightly. Traditional publishing or self-publishing; what should a person choose? There is also not absolute answer. I would love to discuss such topics here in our blog pages. Please write me or post a comment if you have something to share.

I am pleased with publication of my first book. It has been very fulfilling. It is a stepping stone, a building block for me in areas of writing and self-expression.

Best wishes

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