Flipping the Channels: Searching for the Frequency of Life

We spend our existence constantly flipping through different frequency channels. The channels represent life and or our human existence activities, ego / emotional-conditioning and thought patterns. There are moments when we experience a strange feeling of lightness or freedom. This can occur when the level of awareness is just right. There are moments when our channel flipping stops and allows us to be conscious of a universal energy field. This conscious awareness is much more than just feeling this energy field from the level of human form. There are moments when we can actually feel the universe as a united being. This energy field is what many call the universal consciousness.


I have been reflecting on this for days. What if the essence of this energy field is nothingness (empty)? This space can not be used for anything pliable until a life form has reached a given stage of conscious development. This initiates the first vibrations of consciousness / self-consciousness into the field of nothingness. This input of consciousness allows this nothingness to then vibrate. This frequency vibration is susceptible to the whims of the conscious beings that add or subtract from this energy field.

This is the frequency of life. It is everywhere and everything. It is truly universal. So why can’t we adjust or tune into this frequency? There must have been a time when this was possible. If we and other conscious life forms are creating the vibrations in this field why can’t we enter it? It is, of course, still possible for us to experience it in each moment. It only appears so difficult to experience. We have perhaps just become disoriented. We no longer have the key required to enter this field of energy. We have always known that something is there. During our evolution, we have unwittingly determined this frequency to be unreachable.

We could see it as a radio frequency that we never really seem to be able to stay tuned into. We know the frequency is there. In the far reaches of our human consciousness we still know the exact location of this frequency. We have unknowingly conditioned ourselves to accept the other frequencies in our human existence to be reality.

Flipping Through the Channels

The problem is that we don’t seem to find true fulfillment within the other frequencies. In such moments of dissatisfaction, we also start flipping through the channels. Then, from time to time, something wonderful happens. The true universal frequency can be heard; but only faintly. We experience again and again a brief moment when we are attuned to this marvelous vibration. We become aware. We try to listen to this universal harmony, but there seems to be so much static. The pressures and demands that are placed on us are sadly still felt in the foreground.

Then thoughts return in the mind. These mind projected thoughts are of things that we have experienced. We are compelled to start flipping the channels again. The wants and demands are always there, pushing us. We are always flipping through the channels. We are either searching for a particular frequency that has brought us pleasure in some past experience, or we are trying to avoid a frequency that has caused us pain or discomfort.

Perhaps the worst form of channel flipping is the search for something or someone that we “think” will fulfill us or make us happy.
The ego tricks us into believing that the only fulfillment possible is to be found on another frequency. It uses this trick again and again. Sadly, we accept this as our reality.

Our human existence is mostly spent flipping through the channels. We know of the one true harmony in life, but we are confronted with too much human content static.

Best wishes to all

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