Flowing Conscious Energy

There is a stream of energy flowing through all things. It is not possible to know its source and we do not need to know. It is flowing within all objects; large and small. We are becoming more and more aware of this energy. Many people are also going beyond the mind’s tendencies to demand an explanation for this energy.


Assumptions, interpretations and definitions will not give us true answers about this flowing frequency. It is enough to realize that it is there. The next step, in what we call enlightenment, occurs when we have recognized that our human mind can influence this field of energy.

Flowing Vibrations

Our mental energy vibrates this flowing frequency and can determine how it will manifest in our existence. The mind is truly magnificent. The mind can literally produce our reality and “Knowing” this makes it spectacular. You are not sitting in a canoe on this flowing stream of energy; you are the paddle that allows the canoe to move upon this stream. Here a canoe is synonymous for the mind.

The fact that we have become aware of consciousness allows us to choose. We can either sit in our canoe (mind) or we can become actively aware and paddle the canoe. Our state of awareness to consciousness determines the size of the paddle that we can use in this energy stream. We can metaphorically say that consciousness is the paddle.

The mind can propel our consciousness much like a paddle in a canoe. However we often vegetate in the mind. It is similar to sitting in a canoe and forgetting that you have a paddle. It is crucial to acknowledge consciousness as the paddle. You only need to shift from sitting in the canoe (mind) as a passenger, to taking the paddle (consciousness) and becoming the helmsman of your existence.


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