Flowing Energy is Life: What Will You do with it?

Flowing energy and the results of how this force will be applied to anything has an influence on everything. Flowing energy is a very influential frequency. It is an element of life that can be measured but not seen. Life; as we have defined it, is said to contain six elemental ingredients common in all organisms. Science and religion speak of energy but not necessarily in referring to it as an element of life. Rather it is often explained as “something” that is beyond life.


There is something unexplainable that can be experienced within this flowing energy frequency. This field of energy contains sub-frequencies of energy that are manifested by the life-forms that are manifesting life. This dimension could be considered the Alpha and Omega. It is composed of all other energy vibrations that are released by manifested objects.

Why and how this is possible is the mystery of life. This flowing universal energy manifests, thrives and expands partially according to the energy released by the objects within it. This is the true miracle. Life-forms that have reached a higher level of consciousness are intrigued by this dimension of flowing energy. Everything can suddenly change when you have awakened and realize that you are co-creating your experiences and the universe.

This realization; in itself, results in an energy shift and this often occurs at different frequencies. A person will become more and more “conscious” of each thought, emotion and action. This will happen from a perspective of simple consciousness instead of the conditioned content existence perspective that usually dominates the everlasting flowing moment. A person will then be unburdened and unmanipulated by the details of our activities. We will know the essence of conscious life flowing energy. We truly awaken to the actual source of this dimension. There will no longer be a need to give this vibrating field a label such as God.

We can just as easily say that everything is God because it all contains life energy. Labels such as God are only words. The key to aware consciousness lies beyond this word or any word. We could consider any word that attempts to describe the mystery of life energy consciousness to be “the one that knows”. This suggests an awakened awareness to the totality of life.

Flowing with Life

Awakening to the flow of this life energy frequency suggests “becoming” the knowledge of “the one that sees” or “God”. Does this mean that each life-form (consciously awakened or not awakened) is a “God”. Yes, it does. Please remember “God” is a word used to describe something that can not be explained. It is the mystery of life or the oneness of life.

Life incorporates this flowing energy as its source. Therefore we could say that to “know” life is to allow it to flow uninhibited. We have not been able to understand this mystery of life because it has been overshadowed by human content barriers such as science and religion. Every person and every object that contains the mystery of life is a God. The word “God”; in itself, is meaningless. This is true for any word or label; other than for practice human purposes. That is why such a word as God has been used and misused; worldwide, for millenniums.

Now is when we should consider mentally looking beyond the “words”. Life is a vast dimension of both manifested and unmanifested energy frequencies. What will you do with the key to life energy knowledge? What is the true nature of this key? It is reawakening to the truth beyond our existence. This is a truth that everything shares.

Best wishes, joy and good health to everyone

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