Flowing Frequency of Life Energy

Life energy is a frequency. This frequency is constantly vibrating. It pulsates with energy input and output. This is a process that we may never truly understand nor should we be distracted by the want or need to understand it. It “is”; just as you, me and everything “is”. The key lies in realizing that we are tapping into this endless flowing frequency in every moment. Consciousness; more so self-awareness permits us to know that we are tapping into a dimension of unmanifested vibrating energy. This is fabulous but it can be confusing.

The fact that this energy has manifested through a particular form that is called Steve, Linda, or Tom is in itself a miracle. This miracle is verified by our conscious awareness of “being”. How this energy transpires throughout the universe can occur in different manners. We could simplify this by saying that the distribution of unmanifested universal energy can happen in a clean-cut deportment. This flowing energy can either be consciously or unconsciously influenced. Here it would be beneficial to remember that although we use words such as consciously and unconsciously, essentially the two are one. This determination; in turn, is helpful in increasing our awareness to the fact that this energy frequency “is” nothing more and nothing less. The energy has a natural flow and it has an invoked flow. The two (natural) and “invoked” can and often do harmonize.


This is where our state of aware consciousness plays a role.

I have often written that the awakening of a higher state of consciousness is a blessing and a curse for human beings. All forms / objects are an extension of this energy which is stimulated by the forms through which it is manifesting. This energy will flux according to the mental / conscious / perhaps even physical interaction of any given form. Taking this in to consideration would give us a clearer understanding of why consciousness can be a blessing and a curse.

Considering that all forms are an extension of this energy frequency; as well as an energy conductor, may first appear to be a great responsibility. This can be answered with a yes…and a no. The output of each forms mental thoughts / state of consciousness are molding the universe. This might be considered a responsibility of incredible magnitude. It is however not a true responsibility. It is a natural phenomenon that every form / object is experiencing. It is the easiest ability in the universe to just “be” a vessel of life consciousness energy. Don’t let the mind repeatedly tell you that “being” this energy outlet is actually so serious; it is not.

The human state of consciousness allows awareness to this field of unmanifested energy. This is the actual blessing and or curse. Human have been following a path of separation. We can continue to deny the acknowledgment of this unified energy, we can insist on conforming it to our wants and demands. Another possibility would be to change our way of perceiving this field / frequency of energy. Harmonizing our mind with this energy frequency allows a natural manifestation of existence content for us and the universe. The mind can either harmonize with or futility insist on dominating this field of energy. Self-consciousness is a true ally in determining how we will chose. The choice; after all, is one that is made (or not) by each of us.

A somewhat shorten version of this article would be as follows. “The moment has come to awaken and change the universe; thus we change how we see ourselves.”

Best wishes to everybody

energy frequency

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