Focus is Enlightenment

Could the attainment of universal knowledge be any easier? Focus is the key that will unlock the door of enlightenment. Focus is basically attention to something and what you are focused on makes a difference. This could be focusing on a thought, emotion, object or the best scenario would be consciousness. The frequency applied is comprised of one or more of the following: strictly mental, object consciousness and universal consciousness.

It may first seem that all three of the above are one and originate in the mind. However science and everything that we know intrinsically tells us that the mind is at best a doorway to consciousness. Thereby however the frequency is used by both mind and consciousness.

This can be very beneficial to someone that has consciously awakened and begins to shift his or her spectrum of focus.  There are obvious examples to indicate that we are already fully aware of focusing on a given frequency to achieve an even clearer state of consciousness.

Meditation is practiced to initiate an opening into and expansion of higher consciousness. But how does focusing help us in our everyday activities? A consciously awakened state of existence is necessary in applying your attention to reach enlightenment. The first key is to understanding that it is about “how” you focus and “what” you focus on.

Focus on Awareness

Being aware of awareness plays an important role at this stage of awakening. What happens during this phase will establish how and what will unfold in your inner and outer universe; you being the center of both. Whereby both are actually one and you are it.

The energy frequency you focus on during interactions with mind, body and the universe will determine the level of enlightenment you will experience. This is difficult to understand because the mind wants to analyze it. This however basically means that what you focus on will eventually manifest; whether you want it or not.

Best wishes

P.S. The article below considers the mind and consciousness.



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