Forever: It is not a Dream!

I recently had an experience that I wish to share with you. This was a moment that could be described as pure conscious realization. I gazed toward the horizon as I stood in the middle of a forest. I was, however, actually standing on the edge of forever. This is, at least, the sensation that overwhelmed me as I sensed everything and nothing within that instance.


It became very clear that I was observing the unfolding of that moment in its entirety. This, in itself, may at first not seem to be an event that warrants any further consideration. However that moment became universally significant. Why was my awareness to presence intensified and what had initiated this state of aware being? I was literally experiencing forever and could acknowledge that forever is now.

What does it mean to suggest that forever is now? Please allow me to first express what I witnessed. There I was on a forest path. I became oblivious to everything around me and yet I sensed that I am within it all. How can I share this to help you visualize what happened? It was as if I was standing there in the forest and beyond I saw myself doing the same thing I was doing in that moment.

This image repeated itself again and again into infinity. It was the edge of forever that united the manifestation of conscious energy flowing though me within the totality. Furthermore I was the reason why this was happening because the restrictions of the mind had almost completely fallen away. I was free to become the moment without regards for anything else. It is to say that for this reason I was disconnected from mind and engulfed in presence. I became presence and in that awareness field I was everything and nothing all within a blink of an eye.

Forever is Now

The vibrating frequency of life is a constant phenomenon which can be influenced by our realization of it in correlation with the now. Forever lies within the comprehension of our role in how each moment can manifest. I use the word (can) because the manifestation of life energy flows whether you are aware of it or not. Your relationship with this vibrating dimension has the potential to change everything without anything changing, simply through your awareness of it.

The previous sentence is very difficult for the mind to grasp but the mind is not necessary to experience the edge of forever within the now. Everything will be as it is and surprisingly enough, you will be in harmony with all that you are. You are that mysterious something beyond mind and body.

Best wishes

P.S. The attached link is an article from Psychology Today on the practice of “Zen Presence” in any situation.


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