Forgive Yourself Now

Do you often feel that there is too much expected of you? You are probably right, leastwise, at the level of our human existence. Everyone wants, even demands, something from you. Furthermore, you probably expect too much of yourself and are very unforgiving when someone tells you that you are not good enough. However, you must forgive others and practice this forgiveness as often as possible


It seems that the best you can do is never enough according to other people and are thoughts. Likewise, the simplest mistake can cause a person to be very self-critical due to expectancy and conditioned reaction. Because of this it is usually very difficult for a person to forgive another person, much the less him or herself.

It is difficult to forgive because of expectancy demands created by our self image attachment. he demands we place on ourselves are too many. Additionally, we are resentful and often angry at a person, thing or situation when something doesn’t go as planned. Nevertheless, I will write this again. It is imperative for the expansion of life, love and consciousness to forgive others and yourself.

Live and Forgive

An unconscious person is habitually not aware of the true focus of his or her frustration or anger. We blame other people or things when we don’t achieve a given expectation. People will do this without realizing that this results from us being frustrated or upset with ourselves due to conditioned patterns. Sometimes the smallest remark from another person can cause frustration or even depression due to a feeling of inadequacy.

I have chosen inadequacy as a sign post in our shift from mind distractions to conscious awakening. Please do not try to live up to other people demands. Don’t listen to the mind saying that you have made a mistake, are naïve or unworthy. The very fact that you are alive is a verification of your adequacy to live. What does this mean?

You are alive. Furthermore, you are manifesting life energy and contributing to a universal self-realization as a being of one that is experiencing itself. You are becoming consciously aware and are perfect at this moment. Forgive others, forgive yourself and let life and love flow uninhibited.

Kind regards

P.S. The included video from Eckhart Tolle is very insightful. He shares ideas about letting go of conditioned thoughts that insist there is something wrong with you.


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