What is forgiveness? It seems that forgiving someone is often very difficult. I had written about several human species characteristics that can cause complexity in our existence. I had referred to our reactions concerning the people and situations around us. We have developed conditioned behavioral patterns that are fueled by emotions and ego. Human beings often become helplessly entangled in the complexity of our human existence.

The various manipulative aspects of our species can instill confusion, frustration and fear in us. Why does this happen? The obvious answer is because we are interrelating with other human beings that are generating these same vibrations. These intensive vibrations illuminating from millions of individuals can and does influence us personally and collectively. We have evolving. Given elements of our being have developed; intelligence, emotions and creativity to name a few. But our conscious development has been a bumpy path. We are still not able to grasp the significance of our own form consciousness. Our expanding consciousness allows access to the dimension of universal consciousness.

We are our own key master. This is not truly realized by the majority of human beings. Sadly we exhaust the potentials that our existence offers on inconsequential diversions. These have taken control of how we interact with life. These petty details seem to have so much importance when viewed through a veil of conceptual judgment. We strengthen these manipulative barriers by devoting ourselves to repetitive thinking and believing patterns.

This unavoidably establishes a static friction to the world around us. Dominating elements such as emotions and ego will often not yield to the intrinsic partnership that our species has with life. This partnership is bonded in a endless symphony; that is,  when we have allowed the mental barriers to fall away. It is this and this alone that restricts existing compatibly with life. Forgiveness is really only a misused definition for acceptance. Forgiveness is allowing what has transpired to simply “be”. Non – forgiveness is basically the opposite. We have difficulty in forgiving for the same reasons that we can not accept the truth that is innately felt about life.

What are your opinions about forgiveness? What does this word mean to you? Is it difficult for you to forgive and forget? Please share you feedback with me.


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