Free-Falling: Simplify Beyond the Mind

We visualize free-falling in a void of care freeness. The desire to experience life in this blissful manner is portrayed in storytelling, including scriptural stories. These stories imply an existence without impairments or discomforts. Floating and gliding through life has always fascinated humankind. However we should consider that free-falling does not necessarily indicate an act or the movement of “falling”.

We desire bliss and the mind relentlessly tells us that it can be obtained; but always at a price. The mind is a true devil in disguise, in regard to controlling or restricting conscious awakening. It tells you that conscious bliss must be earned. However there are various methods that can be practiced to shift from mind content to awakened conscious existence perception. I experience the thrill of free-falling beyond the mind through various daily exercises, one of which is lucid dreaming. This started many years ago and has continued as a repetitive dream pattern.

The lucid dream always starts with the mind obscuring consciousness with thoughts and emotions. I, as the observer, am helpless during the initial phase of the dream. The dream is always about me flying uncontrollable high in the air. My heart pounds viciously because I am in a state of shock. It is as if hundreds of thoughts and emotions are tearing me apart. My head feels as if it will explode due to the trauma. Body and mind are rocketing up and down, back and forth completely out of control during this part of the dream flight.

Suddenly I sense a state of suspended uncertainty as a transformation occurs within me. Then my sense of existing shifts from the clutter of thoughts and emotions to free-falling as I plummet to the ground. I wake up completely just before my body hits the earth. The awakening I refer to here is a total sense of everything. I spontaneously feel freedom. The lucid dream is an active portal that allows the dream observer (consciousness) to interact with the person, the mind and universal consciousness.

I feel the body, the ground, the landscape and everything far beyond. The mind with its thoughts, emotions and would-be dilemmas can also be felt. However it no longer has an influence on the conscious state of awareness that manifests through me. I somehow become the conscious manifestation that unfolds. I become the totality.

What actually allows this shift to occur? I wish that I could answer this question. It just happens. I do sense that it seems to take place when the mind overloads the present experience with too many thoughts and emotions such in the beginning of the lucid dream. It has also become possible for me to experience this abrupt conscious awakening during mediation and more frequently during daily activities.

Free-Falling into Consciousness

I practice this type of transformation from mind to conscious awareness in any all situations and encounters by simply stepping outside of my head. This sounds silly but I can assure you that, with practice, it is possible. It will even become a natural response to any situation after you have unlearned the conditioning responses to the minds constant stream of thoughts and emotions.

It is similar to free-falling in a wave and while floating on the wave, you let go. The wave is followed immediately by another wave and another; you completely and unconditionally realize that the wave and the one that follows are not separate. You accept that the wave is an ocean. This can be illustrated as one minute followed by the next, whereby there is no separation between the minutes. Furthermore they are actually unified as one. The key lies in your active perception of this one everlasting moment.


Best wishes

P.S. The attached link is from Psychology Today and discusses lucid dreams.

Psychology Today




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